The War Driver
The War Driver

Sunday • July 9th 2023 • 6:14:25 pm

The War Driver

Sunday • July 9th 2023 • 6:14:25 pm

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What is Wardriving?

How to tell if your Wifi is hacked?

Cracking WiFi at Scale with One Simple Trick

Wardriving w/ a Magnetic Tactical Pineapple

Wardriving with Professional Hackers!

DEF CON 25 Wifi Village - Aardvark, Darkmatter - WIGLE Like You Mean It Maximizing Your Wardriving

DEF CON 28 Wireless Village -wytshadow - wicked wardriving with gps and glonass

Wardriving with the Raspberry Pi, PwnPi, GPS and Kismet

Wardriving - WIFI/WLAN - Raspberry Pi - Scanbox - with PwnPi, Kismet and GPS (In German, Use Closed Captions)

Raspberry Pi War Driving with Kody

Wardriving 101

NoVA Hackers DaKahuna - Wardriving

REcon 2013 - Wardriving from your pocket (Ruby Feinstein, Omri Ildis, Yuval Ofir)

Wardriving Skateboard WiFi Recon w/ the Raspberry Pi

Expose stalkers over Wi-Fi with a wardriving skateboard

Analyzing Wi-Fi Wardriving Data with Google Collab

HakByte: Create a $15 WarDriving Rig to Log WiFi Data w/ the ESP8266

HakByte: Set Up a Headless Raspberry Pi Wardriving Rig

Marauding Wi-Fi Networks With The Flipper Zero - open source wardriving with the ESP32

Setting up Kali Linux for Wardriving

15 Things You MUST DO After Installing Kali Linux


Hacking Satellites with $300 Worth of TV Gear

The Satellite Hack Everyone Is Finally Talking About

Cyberattack on Space: Why are space systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

Protecting Satellites From Hackers: Calls for Standards Grow

Pirating a Satellite & Making Free Phone Calls (With Permission)

Listening to Weather Satellites with Random Junk

OSINT At Home #9 – Top 4 Free Satellite Imagery Sources

Sniffing Network Traffic

View Smartphone Traffic with Wireshark on the Same Network

Wireshark Packet Sniffing Usernames, Passwords, and Web Pages

Top 10 Wireshark Filters // Filtering with Wireshark

Learn Wireshark in 10 minutes - Wireshark Tutorial for Beginners

How to know if your PC is hacked? Suspicious Network Activity 101

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Radio Hacking: Cars, Hardware, and more! - Samy Kamkar - AppSec California 2016

The Coolest Radio You've Probably Never Heard Of

5 Cool Things You Can Do With An RTL SDR Receiver

Pulling Clear Images Directly Off Satellites | GOES-15,16,17 and Himawari 8 HRIT


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in 5 Hours - Full Course - Learn OSINT!

What is Open Source Intelligence? Intro to OSINT Episode 1

Intro to OSINT Episode 2: Geolocation and visual analysis.

Intro to OSINT Episode 4: EXIF Data

Intro to OSINT Episode 5: Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit

Data Breaches

What is a data breach?

Top 5 Cybersecurity Breaches of All Time

Top 10 Worst data breaches in history

One Of The Largest Data Breaches Of The 21st Century - Documentary

Facebook Data Breach Affects 50 Million: What You Need To Know | TODAY

Unraveling the Reventics Data Breach

500,000 victims receive data breach letter, not a scam


Cyber Security In 7 Minutes | What Is Cyber Security: How It Works?

Mandiant CEO on Cybersecurity, AI Outlook

The State of Cybersecurity – Year in Review

Security in 2023 and Beyond: Automation, Analytics and Architecture

Cyber Security Full Course for Beginner

CompTIA Security+ Full Course

Cybersecurity for beginners | Network Security Practical Course

Cyber Security for beginners || Introduction to Cybersecurity

DoS attack | What is Denial of Service attack and How to initiate it

Information Security Tutorial

Artwork Credit