On World Peace And Fraudulent Demands For Unearned Respect
On World Peace And Fraudulent Demands For Unearned Respect

Monday • October 31st 2022 • 11:15:45 pm

On World Peace And Fraudulent Demands For Unearned Respect

Monday • October 31st 2022 • 11:15:45 pm

Large part of the world has always wanted religion, neutered education, untouchable banks, a poor workforce, we wanted borders, and wars.

Each one of these points is fetching to a lot of people, and all combined together, halts human development, and creates needles conflict.

It is the right of the younger generations, to receive real education rooted in reality and authenticity.

Real education, one defined by real results, self directed paths, individualized lessons, and real reward.

Above all this means, everyone will be listening or reading, the same powerful books.

Inheriting unique lessons, from unique cultures, but all aimed at World Peace, and Advancement of Human Kind.

Here Humanity will fair a lot better, than when driven by the root of all those lies that most of us propagate.

The root is obedience, because change is scary, because raising children correctly is challenging.

But let me tell you, to manipulate humanity requires exhausting mediocrity and corruption.

To change the world, requires something that is a lot easier.

Revealing the lie, and asking the children to self education, by listening to all the world most powerful books.

Evolution has arranged, for children to all to easily adopt the culture they grow up in.

But it has also arranged, for all the young people to have a penchant for rebellion.

If the younger generations find out, that we know from experience that standardized schools are ineffective.

And if they learn, programming for example, on their own, they can get investors to help them build their own way out of the poverty.

The poverty, that is really, the only last remaining threat, a way to extract obedience.

Poverty, that the world has placed them in out of shortsightedness and fear.

And you know, if they find out, that they are kept weak with the wrong books…

And divisions of school subjects, that render them only useful for the teachers, to have something to show for a paycheck…

Well, then this won’t go over well, for all of us, but especially for those on the wrong end of this argument.

I think it is best that we turn our eyes back at schools, and make them effective, as soon as possible.

Make them create powerful lasting results, and encourage the children to grow to become great beings.

Not continue threatening them with poverty, while treating them as a resource to be mined with unfair student loans.

But rather, arrange for a universal student income, and prove to them, that we want them to learn in safety, and grow in knowledge.

And stop perpetuating ignorance, that is not only inexcusable, but knew that is also unforgivable...

The internet makes these kinds of stupid lies harder and harder, there isn’t much time left.

We better make an authentic way for the future generations, sooner than later...