Our Culture, Is Philosophy
Our Culture, Is Philosophy

Friday • November 18th 2022 • 10:36:28 pm

Our Culture, Is Philosophy

Friday • November 18th 2022 • 10:36:28 pm

Philosophy is not at the center of human development, because it is as inconvenient for the troublemakers as it is precious for the rest of us.

It is about growing in Authenticity, rising in Dignity and Human Nobility.

It does not create obedient workers, or children, it cannot fill the vessel, it light a fire.

It does not deal with convenience, and personified, it laughs at hokey concepts like Pursuit Of Happiness.

To paraphrase Dr. Frankl, happiness can only ensure, from the challenge of growing all the way up.

To borrow from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it comes from the Content Of Our Character.

And the best of Content Of Character, is crowned by the History of Philosophy.

History of our growing up, seen from the perspective of generations, ones that begun right where the previous ones left off.

Philosophy mothered many children, beautifully; her children are the Sciences.

And picking up where the previous research left off, is how science makes progress.

That is also the only way, for Humanity to make progress.

Not by demanding obedience from the little ones, but to live so nobly as to be able to ask them, to start, where we leave off.

You see, Philosophy, fits us, because it is us, a sing wise family of wise Humans, all together, all at once, and always at our best, and mightiest.

Where fantasies and fairy tales, come with a catch, Philosophy builds armor around our being, layer by layer.

Enhancing our minds, enlarging our worlds, building up, our operating systems, our knowledge, wisdom, and greatness.

Providing us with great powers, enabling us with un-break-ability, and giving us a road towards insight into everything that captures our curiosity.

Lies can make a king, or a dictator, or even make a crime family look like a legitimate government, but they cannot make a Great Being.

Philosophy is devastating to false leaders, to lies, fantasies, hollow promises, half measures and all inauthentic things.

If Philosophy was taught, early on, aside from ejecting the blind lying fools from positions of authority.

It would enable Humanity to repair it self, to end World Poverty, to end Hunger, to end Homelessness.

It would end Mass Incarceration, by tuning prisons into Schools, Healing Retreats, for the mind, the body, the soul.

The Greater Humanity, would prevent criminal lifestyles, with powerful Universal Income and Real and Meaningful and Enhancing Education.

Philosophy fixes everything, because Philosophy is the Human Culture, the culture of the Thinking Being.

Please understand, Philosophy, is, our, culture.