You Don’t Need To Fix The Whole World
You Don’t Need To Fix The Whole World

Saturday • November 19th 2022 • 9:31:30 pm

You Don’t Need To Fix The Whole World

Saturday • November 19th 2022 • 9:31:30 pm

We do not live long enough to treat symptoms, in a way that is meaningful for the future generations.

We only have time to focus on the big problems, that cause the cascade of the small ones.

I think the biggest problem is, World Poverty and Lack Of Real Education.

These two reinforce one another, feed on each other, they are in-fact a single indivisible atom.

Think of it as a bad tree, with branching problems, that create even more branches.

You can spend a lifetime treating the symptoms ;the branches, and still make but a tiny bit of fleeting difference.

But, if you can fix the trunk or roots of the problem, then solved problems will stop causing more problems.

As you can imagine, poverty is repaired, with computer managed Universal Income Cards.

Distributed globally, they last a lifetime, and reset each midnight, to remind the users that they are being taken care of.

The first few tries, the universal income cards will be canceled, the project will be delayed by decades.

Vile politicians, that feed on misery, that for example profit from mass incarceration by various means.

Often just seek misery to just feed their shallow ego, just to be able to day “I got to fly to DC after the game”.

Because their education is little more than the culture of other shallow morons, and some feel good TV movies.

They will make it so that during trials the cards are given to the folks, that will use them against the communities they reside in.

They will be shown to be a bad idea and canceled, as false leaders proclaim that people have to struggle to rise out of every.

This won’t just be a tactic to feed on misery, but to think the political crowd.

To out compete the honest leaders, and increase chances for more fraudulent reelections.

This is an old low-effort political trick, it is actively being used right this moment, again immigration.

Troubled individuals unable to transition into a modern culture, are being used as proof that a United World is a bad idea.

But that is just cunning politics, it only benefits the inauthentic parties on both sides of the argument.

Politics has been known to be a magnet for liars, it has been neutered to a point to where even the bad guys cant to wrong.

In a way, politics wastes the liars life, as flying to their respective capitals, and have their oh terribly bad golf games…

Because of all the hard work they have to do, to keep this world together.

Leave them to their fantasies, you need a real education first, you can only find that in free audio books at your local library.

Don’t just read books, books are meant to be heard.

In both the case of Universal Income, and World Unity…

The false leaders will purposefully cause failure, systems of global improvement can only be deployed by the well educated.

Those with real and effective education, who can make meaningful and lasting repairs to the roots, not the symptoms.

Deploying Universal Income cards, will require creativity, nor really wisdom, or leadership, but brilliance and hacker like creativity.

The worst case, brilliant-deployment-scenario, is giving the cards to people born after a certain date set in the future.

So that individuals who will benefit from the cards, are not born yet, though they will be soon enough.

This will give Humanity time, to think, to prepare, to look into its soul, for mothers to plan for a better future, and families to feel relief.

But this is a simple and desperate deployment scenario, that should be left for last.

The Universal Income Card, is needed today, right now.

It has to help everyone, it has to allow people to leave bad countries, bad families, bad memories, and bad times behind.

As you can imagine, these are very meaningful an powerful cards and symbols.

They can encourage nations to disarm, to open borders.

To create, real educational systems.

And stop poisoning the minds of their people, with stories meant for control, for convenience, for ego.

These cards hand help the world accept change, by leaving behind bad ideas, and making the good ones even better.

Make no mistake, poverty is evil, it is a mistake.

If we don’t erase it first, it will erase us – it is a world ending psychological disease.

But, my Grandma used to say, that there isn’t a problem that can’t have a good ending.

This means that the negativity global poverty has created, is a kind of energy, that neither good not bad, and can be released at its end.

It can be meaningfully used to boost the card deployment strategy, it can be used to encourage the existence of real schools.

It can be used to stop wars, to erase borders, perhaps the energy from ending poverty can even unite the world.

Today these ideas seem unrealistic, they are laughed at.

Especially by politicians and their easily swayed, and uneducated followers.

But even they will wake up eventually, even when we don’t pursue wisdom, it has a tendency to bloom.

Those who are most outspoken and negative today, will often discover compassion and empathy tomorrow.

They will eventually understand, that they were used for somebody's political “golf” games.

But you, you can change the world, nearly instantly, with your self education.

If you just accept, that you have to grow all the way up…

All the way up until, and you and your peers stand, as a generation of great and forward hiking beings.

If you just take to self education, and read, and listen, and re-listen thousands of wise books.

And if others follow, then you will become an unwavering force of change for good.

Lastly, your generations should never forgive, for having been tricked into thinking that schools were real.

That the effectiveness of of the education that we granted you, mattered to us.

We tricked you into thinking that grades, had a meaning beyond simple means of control.

We tricked you into thinking, that they were a judgment of your intelligence.

That grades marked your value, in our world.

The real genius was always in all of us, young and old, and it only ever required real and effective education to be unlocked.

It was us who has failed to hold a candle to your generations, the world was never ours, the world only ever belongs to the future.

For what it is worth, I hope in your haste to make the much needed repairs, you don't forgive us.

I hope that your generation will rage wisely and loudly, so that we all get to see what we could have had.

Had our generations rose, to the real challenges that stood before us.