Fix Schools
Fix Schools

Tuesday • January 26th 2021 • 8:45:00 pm

Fix Schools

Tuesday • January 26th 2021 • 8:45:00 pm

Humanity has a long to-do list,

we have to cure aging and other diseases.

We have to rebuild the concept of money,

and make sure nobody is hungry or homeless.

Above all, we have to fix schools,

because schools prevent problems before they start.

And we have a problem,

we are susceptible to indoctrination.

We have a tendency to take things for granted,

and assume whatever we are born into is correct.

As we grow up to become adults,

we have to make sure that the little ones are getting a real education.


that is all we have to do.

If schools were working for real,

we would have everything.

We got one job,

fix schools.

Everything that went wrong in our lives,

is rooted in somebody's broken education.

If we use computers to create individualized education,

people will stop memorizing and start learning.

We must help students to learn at their own pace, in their own sequence,

otherwise we are forcing them into acting like they have learned by means of memorization.

People in positions of authority,

can't be pretending to be educated.

The actions of people who represent or influence others,

carry long-term consequences.

If we fix schools, then the world will stop repeating mistakes,

and everything else is going to be fixed by the graduates.