The Classical Music Aficionado
The Classical Music Aficionado

Sunday • March 21st 2021 • 9:18:11 pm

The Classical Music Aficionado

Sunday • March 21st 2021 • 9:18:11 pm

Bohemian Rhapsody for Symphony Orchestra and Solo Viola - THE STUDIO RECORDING

P.Tchaikovsky. Italian Capriccio

J. S. Bach - Partita in C moll BWV 997 - Evangelina Mascardi, Liuto barocco

A VERY BRIEF history of Classical Music (from 1000 A.D. to the present day)

The transformative power of classical music | Benjamin Zander

How to Learn to Love Classical Music

What is Classical Music?

The Classical Period | Music History Video Lesson

Easy Guide to Appreciating Classical Music

How to Listen to Classical Music General Ideas

Why we need Classical Music | Rowan James Curtis

Yo-Yo Ma playing the Prélude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1

Kashmir Led Zeppelin - Epic Symphonic Rock.

Why should you listen to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"? - Betsy Schwarm

Antonio Vivaldi Documentary - Magic Violin

VIVALDI - Four Seasons - Alexandra Conunova - Orchestre International de Genève

Vivaldi, Four Seasons/Quattro Stagioni

Vivaldi - Winter (The Four Seasons)

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons REMIX by Drumr828

The Best of Vivaldi

Bach - Cello Suite No.1 Prelude REMIX

A Brief History of Bach

Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude with Marimba

Bach, Prélude, Cello suite Nr.1 | Ophélie Gaillard

The New World by Antonin Dvorak

Dvořák Yo Yo Ma Bělohlávek 2015

Bach Cello Suite No.1 - SYMPHONIACS / The Berlin Sessions

Beethoven Documentary

Beethoven - Für Elise

LoLa & Hauser - Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" live at the Sydney Opera House

Mozart Vs Salieri


Mozart - Requiem

Mozart Requiem Rock

Led Zeppelin / YAMATO String Quartet

Viva La Vida - Prague Cello Quartet w orchestra

Pius Cheung, Bach/Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major (arr. marimba)

Stairway to Heaven with Amazing Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra

Great Composers Tchaikovsky

The Best of Tchaikovsky

Mischa Maisky plays Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G (full)

The Phantom of the Opera - Prague Cello Quartet

The Cello Song - (Bach is back with 7 more cellos) - The Piano Guys

Levels/Avicii - SYMPHONIACS

Bach, Cello suite Nº 1 (Beylu Trap Remix)

A Sky Full Of Stars/Coldplay - SYMPHONIACS

Aerodynamic/Daft Punk - SYMPHONIACS


Skyfall from James Bond - Moravskoslezská Sinfonietta

That famous cello prelude, deconstructed

Yo-Yo Ma playing all six of Bach's Cello Suites.