To Resume Where The Great Beings Leave Off
To Resume Where The Great Beings Leave Off

Sunday • September 17th 2023 • 10:42:19 pm

To Resume Where The Great Beings Leave Off

Sunday • September 17th 2023 • 10:42:19 pm

All moments are special, every tick and tock of the clock.

Do not lead an ordinary existence, in a world that is yet to develop a global culture of greatness...

Majority will be always wrong, and always easily deceived and mislead.

Neither practice resignation, nor hide or live beneath, as your elder self will regret it.

Connect with your elder self, ask them about regrets, and build your self up so that you live strongly and beautifully.

Rise to live above the common levels of life, and make each and every moment a celebration of it.

Rising is just growing up, growing all the way up until you become a great being.

Life is long, but finite, don't be a worker, don't be a follower, live wisely.

Listen to all the great narrated books at your library, and then find all the rest.

By inheriting the great lessons and the culture of greatness, you will begin growing, and rising.

And in your wisdom, to no end in sight.

No one can tell you what journey to take, or how long it should be, or how great you must become.

No one can tell you which books to listen to, but you should know to listen to thousands.

So many books, that you will develop an intuition.

You will be able to tell which books are fake, which try to mislead you, and which will help you to your great intellectual inheritance.

But here is one journey, to serve as a nice example.

Bring your poetry journal to the Walden Pond, and do not forget to bring a rock, form whence you came, it is tradition.

Say hello to Mr. Thoreau, and throw a loaf of bread in your backpack.

Be sure to pack all your narrated books, all the many thousands of them.

And as all things important go, climb Mount Kathadin, and find and follow the white blaze.


And keep on walking the AT SoBo down the to Springer mountain in Georgia, and to the pacific crest trail, and then onward through the continental divide…

Let all the great beings who had something to say, share all their thoughts and wisdom through their books.

And if you ever run out of trails, then stich a new one together, and name it after yourself.

Listen to every book you can find, and then bring them all together in a new book.

So that the others can start at your own favorite pond, or mountain range, or river delta, or stretch of road.

Until we have effective and profound schools, we need independent Philosophers, who do not fear to speak out against ineffective education.

Until the world resumes advancing forward, we need poets to collect all that has been lost.

To self censorship, and poison, and inequality, and lies, and fear, and injustice.

Until we have real schools that help students grow all the way up, so that they rise to become great beings.

Know that you can inherit, infer and synthesize, all the wisdom that has been denied to you, so as long as you make room for it to grow.

You can restore what has been lost, or even passed over in silence, as you travel the trails whilst listening to all the books worth your while.

As we stand still, all our mistakes are constantly replaying around us, the world is waiting for us to pick up where the great beings left off.

Do not look to prestigious or brand name institutions, or position, do not wait for change to come your way from false leaders.

Please, open up all the history’s books, and travel all the trails.

Create a new starting point with your books, and let others resume where you leave off.