The Internet Has A Problem; And Here Is How You Can Solve It
The Internet Has A Problem; And Here Is How You Can Solve It

Sunday • June 9th 2024 • 11:51:32 pm

The Internet Has A Problem; And Here Is How You Can Solve It

Sunday • June 9th 2024 • 11:51:32 pm

Slowly, all your favorite internet brands, will close a loop around the content you find fun.

Eliminating all the ways, that help you control what you see.

The best advertising, is the one you never notice.

Which is your favorite phone, because that is not what you should be using.

Closed source is not the security model, you should be relying on.

Internet technology is not for greed, it is for connecting the world together.

It is for sharing worthy ideas, it is for learning.

Walled Gardens and Closed Source, are terrible ideas.

And that they are ever closing in on you, is dangerous enough, not to use your brand-name phones.

The solution, is tough to deal with, but it needs to be talked about, it needs to be developed.

Let us turn out attention to a model of a web page, we are going to reduce it down to get to the very bottom.

At the very top we have interactive features, programmed with JavaScript listening to your mouse and responding with programs.

Beneath that, is a broken mess of barely complete functionality, that you get when you disable JavaScript in your browser.

JavaScript loads more stuff into the web page, so with it disabled, you may not see graphics, or text even.

And beneath that, are the requests to the servers, due to tracking and content serving optimization often scattered across networks.

Here, at the very bottom, everything is a web address, including what JavaScript may dynamically request.

There is another technology called a web socket, but for what we are doing we should just think of it as a request as well.

So, at the very top, the web-page is alive, making requests as needed.

In the middle, the page is dead, it will make a few requests to get started, but it won’t start without JavaScript.

And on the bottom, we don’t see the web page, just all the data requests that will eventually make it come to life.

I mention the middle because long ago you could read a web page, when you downloaded it and read it off-line.

But today, web pages are no longer documents, they are programs that require a constant connection to the internet.

To deal with walled gardens today, we have to work on the bottom and top level, as the middle, just does not work anymore.

The bottom level, with all the requests including web sockets can be proxied, it is just a bunch of internet addresses.

A proxy, is a tool that intercepts the request being made, and then just pretends that it is a browser, and passes that request on.

When you are communicating with a secure website, not your browser, but it will negotiate the security with it.

Your browser will setup a secure connection with the proxy, but the proxy will setup its own secure connection with whatever you are requesting.

So when the proxy receives data, it gets a decrypted version, that data can then be edited before it is sent to your CUSTOM browser.

Here the data traffic can be cleaned of the walled garden garbage, junk can be filtered out for enhanced security.

And in certain cased, your own AI, can do some problem solving as well.

And then once the result of the request is cleaned, it is sent back to your browser.

It must be a special modified browser, that further disables more walled garden stuff.

The proxy taking over the request, and stripping off the walled garden stuff at the request level…

Is easily detectable by off the shelf browsers, so you will need an Electron of NW.js based custom browser.

At this point, we can have our requests cleaned up, and turn on JavaScript, which will now make more requests.

That will now again return cleaned data, there will be less tracking, less propaganda, less hidden advertising.

Your AI will be watching for trouble, and because you are in control.

You are now able to use a Visual Programming Language, to merge multiple websites into a single super feed.

Where your AI or you can tag and sort the cleaned content, and the internet can become fun again.

The web browsing experience becomes very different here, but all the stuff you cared for is still here, and ow under a better UI.

A User Interface that you can reshape, you can make a simple HTML snapshot of all your favorites.

And browse it on an ancient phone, with JavaScript disabled.

The Proxy and The Custom Browser, are a one two punch.

Wherever it is imperfect today, it can adapt in the future, it is flexible enough to account for any and all future countermeasures.

Your desktop can send a feed of all your favorite data, under an amazing interface to your closed phone.

This data will be free of all the walled garden stuff, so it is accessible over a phone.

Now I must reveal something about this technology, that may not sit right with you.

But it is only because, you don’t yet know it is the right thing.

You see, this browser, is actually, a visual programming environment first.

Its primary purpose is not to clean data, but to help you learn programming, and help you integrate with your own AI.

It is not a trick, as you learn programming, you rise above the browser.

You are not a simple consumer, you become more.

The Proxy and The Visual Programming Language does not exist yet, but that may not be bad news.

Learn JavaScript programming, customize Electron, and begin developing your own Proxy and Visual Programming Language.

Even though the technology is not quit here, you have been invited into the world of programming.

To build your own vision of a Visual Language and Re-Programmable Browser, it is a pretty good start, to a pretty powerful and promising startup.

Make the future, programmable.

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