How To Avoid War And Fix The World: Tell The Teenagers The Truth About Everything
How To Avoid War And Fix The World: Tell The Teenagers The Truth About Everything

Sunday • April 7th 2024 • 9:41:13 pm

How To Avoid War And Fix The World: Tell The Teenagers The Truth About Everything

Sunday • April 7th 2024 • 9:41:13 pm

Tell them that indoctrination or purposefully manipulating minds, so that they think a certain way, is evil.

Tell them that God is made up for as many reasons, as people have problems.

Tell them they will be sent to war, maybe under mandatory draft, and that god an country is just another pacifier.

The only way to win a war is to protect the young people, from indoctrination, granting them authentic and effective education.

And their education is certainly not effective, they actually got tricked into inventing cramming.

Each time they pretend to learn or watch their teachers let them slide, all they are doing, is greasing the wheels for those who will send them to war.

Unless war is prevented decades ahead, it is teenagers from one indoctrination versus teenagers from another.

Fighting for ghouls who brewed those systems of though, precisely for their own disgusting gain and glory.

When people cross the line of prevention, when they do nothing but let a nation fester – it is only for money.

War has tragic and great meaning for those trapped in it, but not for those who created it, they have neither heart nor soul, just hunger.

Hunger for more, more, more, more.

War rejuvenates all the participating economies eroded by the parasites in charge, they cultivate failed states, they dream of war.

Indoctrination, Fake Education, and more Wars, goes a long way to help the children understand the importance of self education.

It won’t take long before they are reading about war, about what religions got away, and the injustice they still cause.

They will read about fake education, and how teachers are just pretending, how the curriculum is for performance only, and will interfere with authentic education.

To learn for real means to fail at school, programming is the first safety net to master.

Poverty is mandatory, we are all poor on purpose, because it works to create a workforce, to power economy.

It works because it induces terror, of living in the street, or being hungry, or being shames, or feeling worthless.

And programming erases that artificial fear, it sets them free from the threat of poverty.

It is a mode of expression, a kind of art that allows for impossible dreams.

Tell them, next time they are in art class, to look beyond the empty chatter head to the projector above.

That is camera obscura, an authentic path, to mastery of art and eventual hand eye coordination.

Let that be a symbol, for how teenagers are betrayed, by no less then the very men who sold the world.

And tell them about the real graduation, the Triple Crown.

An achievement that is actually worthy, of the creatures of the stars that we all are.

With a powerful narrated book allowing them to inherit wisdom, an intellectual inheritance that belong to them.

They cross the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trail, with every hard earned step setting an the angle of a slope.

The mountain to climb for the rest of their existence, so that they may grow all the way up, until they become great beings.

And with their genius and brilliance break us out of the cycle of wars, and set course for advancement of human kind, that will do the future justice.

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