Please, Don't Forget To Share Your Wisdom
Please, Don't Forget To Share Your Wisdom

Monday • December 14th 2020 • 10:36:55 pm

Please, Don't Forget To Share Your Wisdom

Monday • December 14th 2020 • 10:36:55 pm

Rise, to get an eagle eye view,

because the world belongs to you.

Too many problems come from fantasies,

there are too many of them to mention.

So many of them are so miserable,

that no poem can hold them.

We can only really rise,

high and above anything and everything.

We can only really make real decisions,

once we have a good view of the world.

Until we are certain that we aren't under some influence,

we can't be certain that our decisions are entirely our own.

Great battles come to all of us,

be it stress, cancer, cult, poverty, or country.

We need to be certain that we are fighting the right thing,

it is crazy for a poor person to steal a car to get out of poverty.

It is a whole new level of evil to keep a person so poor,

that they fight the wrong thing, and then send them to prison and slavery.

Nothing, other than reaching out for other lifetimes,

can help us rise tho this height.

And the way we transfer knowledge between lifetimes,

is books, memoirs, biographies, stories of adventure, and triumph, and failure.

All the bad ideas have already been lived, and described, and compressed to wisdom,

don't let the world stress you out, grab an audio book and figure it all out.

When you are ready,

perhaps come your golden age.

Allow your autobiographical impulse,

to take possession of you, and write down what you have learned.

Share with the little ones,

so that they need not start where you started, but at the height you rose to.