The Flight Of The Mocking Birds
The Flight Of The Mocking Birds

Monday • October 23rd 2023 • 11:41:35 pm

The Flight Of The Mocking Birds

Monday • October 23rd 2023 • 11:41:35 pm

It is a mistake to accept the way the world is, to adopt the world that we are born into.

To assume that it is correct, and that it is moving in the right direction.

The people with answers are the Philosophers, they are not those who are nearest to us.

Socrates, born in 470, BC, already fought for your right to wisdom.

He was murdered, for it, he wanted you to question everything.

The others, were only interested in burning books, so that you could never get the full picture.

Our leaders today, are false, they could simply afford the election carousels or ladders.

False leaders, live by simple rules, don't get caught, and do nothing.

The world is in the grasp of un-education, lack of shared culture and values.

And that makes it no place for false leaders, as they are easily pulled into war.

Those in authority when pressed by war, or tragedy that could have been avoided.

Will simply resign by saying, “How was I supposed to know?”.

There will be no one to blame, and no one to tell you where to go next, just rubble.

The truth is, you should be in charge of you, because this is your precious life.

And it is your responsibility, to figure out what life really is.

And not wait to be told what it is, you have to learn from clear thinkers who reached great heights.

You have to make their highest heights, your starting point.

You should never start at zero, as here humanity repeats the paths, along with mistakes.

You must to rise above humanity’s mistakes, above borders, and even humanity it self.

Above all, as hard to accept as it may be, you are a creature of the Universe.

Your humanity comes second, to your more Universal Nature.

You are a creature of the stars, chemically bound to a tiny blue dot, around one.

All of this, comes to the same point.

Get to the library, and listen and re-listen to all the narrated books.

Inherit the wisdom that is owed to you, find the height that fits you best.

Inherit the culture of great beings, and become the authentic teachers and leaders that the world needs.