What Is Freedom Of Will?
What Is Freedom Of Will?

Tuesday • August 22nd 2023 • 10:34:56 pm

What Is Freedom Of Will?

Tuesday • August 22nd 2023 • 10:34:56 pm

This is a common question in the field of ineffective philosophy, also known as academic philosophy, church of knowledge, and sophistry.

If you have arrived here from a school that uses grades to control you, under the threat of ridicule, punishment, being held back and ruining your life.

Know that you are a victim of indoctrination, and you will need, something that some therapists call reprogramming.

A real school, will never cut up knowledge into subjects, or threaten, or punish you, or rob you of you savings, and force you into loans.

In a real school, when you are studying biology, you become enabled with new capabilities.

For example, for months, of for the rest of your long life, you end up loving and keeping water-bears as pets.

You have videos of interesting happenings in the microbial world, and later go on to learn programming to encode strings of text in DNA and such.

In a fake biology class, your teacher will force you to memorize, that mitochondria is the powerhouse of he cell.

And it will take you couple of decades to realize, that the curriculum was incomprehensible on purpose.

It was crappily designed to force you to memorize for tests, because as tests, accreditation, funding and politicians are concerned.

Temporary memorization, is just as good as effective education, when it comes to selling you out, the world, and everything else.

Later on in your life the words “mitochondria is the powerhouse of he cell”, will be all that remains of your biology class.

And it will greatly sadden and embarrass you, how you were betrayed, manipulated, and used.

If you are very unlucky, your Biology teacher will be pretty cool, talk about Dolly the cloned sheep, how dissection of frogs is wrong…

And finally, how weed is just an herb.

Here is a good example of a freedom of choice point, because in that moment, you have to get up, with any delay.

See you counselor, explain the situation, hear the low effort...

And then you walk out, stare the security right in their creepy face, to say the least, and go on about your life, without being stained by everybody else’s shit.

This is applied freedom of will, an event occurs, that can derail the rest of your life, and you just leave, with little doubt.

The kids that remain in the Biology class, are an example of people with their freedom of will subverted by threat.

Some are already unable to quit their drugs, and are glad to hear that is just an herb, as it helps them to give up.

Others will become responsible dads, who every one in a while sneak something little extra for their two year old.

So that he can hope rekindle, his already failed life, where he just went from loser to monster.

Some mothers don’t even care to notice that the kid, always sleeps through sexy time.

Others will of course spend their parents money on college, maybe a DUI, maybe academic suspension, but almost certainly debts and depression.

Some will end up in trash cans, worried about garbage collection day, trying to understand their family.

I’ve the honor of meeting a garbage kid once, addiction was a problem, but he was powerful, and I’d like to believe he became a philosopher.

One of the greatest mistakes, that the soon to be principal of my school eve made, was recruiting me as a control sample, to his suicide club class.

I really hope that this man, became wise enough to see the rejects, as the most brilliant kids in that school.

Being part of that class, completely restored my faith in humanity, hampered by bullies, creepers, pretenders and regretters.

It was them who gave me the courage to drop out, to do the right thing, the honest thing, the life changing thing for me, for me.

While my freedom of will, remained strong among all the doubt.

I lacked the understanding that I needed books, all of them, and instead, I spoiled my next step.

Instead of fixing education starting in my high school days, I was threatened into just memorizing for the Adult Education tests.

It was still a high school, and a High School Diploma, but the students were not treated like cattle.

I suspect the principals always know that they cause harm, they help those who stick out far enough.

They are arrogant, and ignorant, but not evil – they just bargain with it.

You see, freedom of choice is not a question, it is an act.

When yo are subjected to ineffective education, and asked this question, then the teacher pains you as infantile, and him or her self as a fool.

Freedom of choice is also very urgent, a single hesitation, will cost a decade.

While, after I spoiled the high school test, out of fear, I had the presence of mind, to study programming, I had three somewhat nice jobs as a result.

Again, learning for real means that you have effective education, a fake education, is just words.

In my frost programming job that lasted less than a minute, I was asked “Do you know where I can get some weed?”.

That was right after I signed the paperwork, needles to say, he just threw them away.

In my second job I was told that if I wanted a raise, I should go to a strip club.

Eventually followed by being told, that I will never receive one – I quit instantly.

Do not bargain with the flimsy wife, of a racist cop.

In the third job my correct use of the words “class instance”, prompted my co workers to call me buzzword boy.

They made a little website with my picture, where I could not look more fat, even if I tried.

This helped me lose 100 pounds, and started me on a life long journey toward becoming a shit kicking beefcake.

In my fourth job, I was tasked with destroying cross platform user interface layouts, in favor of CSS a technology that still isn’t quite yet ready.

It can be done, and it works now, but not perfectly, even after some 17 years.

Fake education can only put you in two work environments, among losers and uneducated pretenders and hustlers.

Or in an environment so toxic, that every paycheck will take weeks of life way from you – just to be fired when you are half dead.

The question of freedom of will, consists of two main parts.

One, have you accepted your intellectual inheritance, as it has been posed by all the great beings that set their legacy in books.

In other words, you must be able to push stress away, probably by means of adventure, where stress an toxicity can’t get you.

And begin consuming narrated book, you are very lucky, to be living theis day and age.

You get to walk through the woods and beaches, and listen to great beings, helping you inherit their greatest intellectual achievements.

Please, never sleep in trash cans, and never go on the trail alone, rather than dropping out you have to begin working on a self directed visualization based alternative to high school.

And the second, more frightening part, you have to contemplate your indoctrination.

It has been said are genetically predisposed to listen to our elders, the kids who do not heed the warning about snakes, or bears, do not pass their genes forward.

And your indoctrination, is again – almost – by definition, fantasy based, it purely depends on to whom you are born.

If you are born to a well to do secular family, that will take yo one way, if you are born to a poor family threatened by addiction, guns or warlords you life will move another way.

What you have to do, is find yourself, so that, you are you, on either of those ends of spectrum.

You have to push away what you have been born into, take your intellectual inheritance…

And make such choices in life, that the elder you, will not only, not-regret, but be happy, and proud to have made them.

Learning for real is basically your operating system, as you unchain your self, to whatever you were born into, good or bad.

This is a question, about answering to your only master, your elder self, including your elder self, on the last day of your life.

The operating system upgrade, or what you will inherit, from the books that end up constitution your intellectual inheritance.

Will give you some simple ideas, that I will help yo to now, so that you start a step ahead.

You are charged with growing all the way up, never just just part way up, and to grow all the way up and become an adult, means to become a great being.

The same kind of person, that yo as a child, hoped that all the adults were.

And we have a duty to Humanity, to repair schools, as we are just one enormous family.

We should not live split by levels of understanding and education, and fractured by mutually incompatible, and equally made up indoctrination.

We certainly should not live in a state where children can be drafted and killed in wars, ran by ghouls, who never cared to prevent them, or even knew what war is like.

And we must put an immediate end to living in states, of mutually assured destruction, poverty, pollution, despeciation and anthropogenic climate change.

It is impossible to give yo more guidance than this, because you are infintely different from every other human being that exists, existed, and will exist.

As proof, consider the unique trail of wisdom that will call to you, as you begin listening to the 10,000 books of your intellectual inheritance.

Stop memorizing for tests all of you, and never forget to remind your teachers, that in a compromise between good and evil, only evil can profit.