Kingdoms Of Lowbrow
Kingdoms Of Lowbrow

Friday • February 17th 2023 • 6:58:25 pm

Kingdoms Of Lowbrow

Friday • February 17th 2023 • 6:58:25 pm

If you have never experienced lowbrow worlds, Then give Tchaikovsky's Capriccio Italien a listen,

I think of it, as the Hymn of The Kingdoms of Lowbrow.

It is beauty, and motion, and unimaginable fairy tales.

And none of the creatures you hear in the song, are anywhere near human, they are new.

That is not a rider you may hear, that is a Bunny Rabbit dressed up as Napoleon.

Even the sad clowns, are happy philosophers.

The cannons fire candy, the dragons breathe glitter.

The cute Chibi dancing couple, yeah, they can fly.

The sunset ten minutes into he song, has a gentle smile, as it crown the castles.

Lowbrow, is the new Renaissance!

And for a fairy tale to survive, It needs mood, human expression, beauty.

It must move the viewer, make them jump, or laugh, and it must be a discovery, that they can’t contain.

The white bunny at 12 minutes in, never stops, it is the time, the prime mover, it brings the seasons.

And it is not just a jumping bunny, it is passionate about being swift and dynamic.

The many castles and the final kingdom at the end of the song, show an entire new world of new creatures.

And my goodness, none of them, none, have ever been imagined before.

The Fairy tale Kingdoms of Lowbrow, and Artificial Intelligence, create a new universe…

More captivating, than anything else, hence the Renaissance.

Lowbrow is not just characters, it is a long running living thriving candy land.

And the creatures with animal ears, or tails, never have to explain what exactly they are.

Strange Beauty in lowbrow is critical, but the central point is the details.

The expressions, the store displays, the necklaces, the castles, the jesters, the royalty.

A hand made lowbrow-painting, wold take several hundred hours.

And you need a series of three to five, at least.

The wold of lowbrow is new, it does not compare to anything.

It makes art critics feel dread, because a full lowbrow painting...

The hundreds and hundreds of feet of intricate captivating detail, created with the help of AI is beyond today’s art.

Hence, worlds of lowbrow, are the rebirth of art.

Here, you always walk away from the paintings knowing that you didn’t see enough.

And can’t ever remember all the little beauty, anyways.

These are the works of art that create a destination, that one always returns to, for more.

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