Look To Stars, The Moon, And Sky
Look To Stars, The Moon, And Sky

Tuesday • January 10th 2023 • 11:20:42 pm

Look To Stars, The Moon, And Sky

Tuesday • January 10th 2023 • 11:20:42 pm

This here is a poetic letter, to remind all that the world can be better.

That we must never ponder a sad end, but always aim to cheerfully transcend.

If you just roll with the ball, then expect to fall.

But if you look to the Moon, good changes will follow very soon.

If you let others push you around, then you will never lift off the ground

If you aim for wisdom, knowledge, or art, you will soon outgrow smart.

It is very hard to push away stress, especially when it exists in excess.

But we are warriors tried and true, and nothing can really stop you.

Right foot lest foot, as it goes, and remember this is the life you chose.

It is beautiful to rise, be it the moon or the skies.

To look down is a curse, as down can only get worse.

Yes, there is a world down there, but all you get is a free chair.

We are too beautiful to be that scared, and our lives are far too sacred.

Do not let people keep you down, even if you must leave your town.

Don’t be part of the culture, that does not nurture.

Your hands are not tied, and the sky above you is world wide.

The human mind is too amazing, to go through life without stargazing.

You are meant to become wise and farseeing, you are meant to become a Great Being.

To start all you need is a 100 wise narrated-books, they will push away sadness and all the crooks.

And all you have to do to find your first narrated book, is go to the library and look.