Super Thick Woolen Socks; Or, Your Feet Don’t Have To Ache From Fatigue
Super Thick Woolen Socks; Or, Your Feet Don’t Have To Ache From Fatigue

Wednesday • June 21st 2023 • 11:22:00 pm

Super Thick Woolen Socks; Or, Your Feet Don’t Have To Ache From Fatigue

Wednesday • June 21st 2023 • 11:22:00 pm

Whether you stand all day, or walk long distances.

Or shuffle, or jog, or dance.

Whether you go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, or running from the law.

If you feel, that you feel that your feet are tired, or achy all around, or even just down right cranky.

Thick woolen socks, are for you.

They don’t have to be, made out of real wool.

But they have to be so thick, that you will need a new pair of huge shoes.

They have to be of the wide variety, and a size or two larger...

And you will need to bring your thick socks to the shoe store, to make sure your new shoes are big enough, and fit a OK,

You can find such socks, in the local hunting isle, or store.

The socks over at the camping isle, may. not. be. thick-enough.

Search for winter socks for fat cat sissy hunters, that spend hours in the trees.

Just to drink beer high up in a tree, and complain about their hemorrhoids.

Always adding, how they do all the work.

Don’t just think, piggies in a blanket.

Think about the poor piggy that went to the market, slowly and peacefully roasting over an open fire – poor thing.

I don’t know why this works, but there is some evidence that it works.

That evidence, is with long distance hikers.

They don’t just wear thick socks, to protect their feet from their shoes, or blisters.

They wear them to heat up their feet, so that they don’t get that overall fatigue and achiness.

Many hikers may not realize that, it just makes sense to wear thick socks with angry shoes.

Many hikers, may need to rest too frequently, or setup camp way too soon…

Because their socks, however thick, they may seem, are not actually powerful winter socks meant for cold snow.

The only other piece of evidence I can think of, are neoprene belts sold as weight loss remedies.

They only help you lose water, and you need to keep hydrated.

But the neoprene belt, works very well for an achy back.

It is so warm, it will make you sweat, but even tight back muscles will feel more flexible.

Lastly, you might have noticed, that athletes warm up before their exercise.

They do cardio, and lift their body temperature, it is much less likely that you will catch a muscle off guard.

In fact, when people go to the gym, and skip a warm-up.

They may actually trick themselves, that the gym is not for them.

The shoes will look funny, when not actually hiking.

But the socks are good medicine, and you won’t regret having them.

Especially when winter comes around, it is always the feet that seem to complain first.

This sock poem has been brought to you by the royal society of warm people and silly sock puppets, always consult your doctor before putting your piggies in a blanket, even if just to remind him of the Hippocratic oath and that prevention is preferred to treatment.