All The World's Nations
All The World's Nations

Thursday • December 10th 2020 • 8:53:53 pm

All The World's Nations

Thursday • December 10th 2020 • 8:53:53 pm

The Universe works in very honest ways,

when liars take to power; the honest become powerful.

When we face impossible problems,

someone will remind us; all human problems have human solutions.

When governments become too complex,

the Congress will call on you to help them regain their vision.

When liars start winning all the battles,

your wisdom will become even more precious.

A senator's boy brought into positions of authority,

by means of favors, shortcuts, and being told what to say, can't become wise.

Wisdom grows from within our authenticity, dignity, and love,

from clarity of vision, and being moved by generations of giants.

Authenticity helps us up,

wisdom on top of wisdom, plateau by plateau onward to greatness.

Inauthenticity, can only build temporary things,

that soon collapse under their own weight for lack of foundation.

Just because you feel hopelessness,

when you dream about making the world a better place...

It does not mean you should stop loving, thinking, writing,

when the future comes asking: what is next?

Your books are to be complete, beloved, and held in high esteem,

your works must move the world.

All that is true, and worthy of human kind,

requires generations of work, same inspiration, same vision.

May your works serve as the first stepping stone,

a source of rules that will keep Humanity Safe and Sound.

May your works inspire countless generations,

across all the world's nations.