The Train Hopper
The Train Hopper

Sunday • July 23rd 2023 • 4:28:16 pm

The Train Hopper

Sunday • July 23rd 2023 • 4:28:16 pm

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YARD BOYS: Freight Train Hopping America

MY FIRST TRAIN HOP - An Original Film

Thousand Mile Train Hop: Denver to Chicago


Trainhopping to the Mediterranean Sea

Trainhopping to Ljubljana

Trainhopping across Morocco | Part 1

Trainhopping across Morocco | Part 2

Trainhopping across Morocco | Part 3

Lost in Montenegro | Part 1

Lost in Montenegro | Part 2

Trainhopping across Serbia | Part 1

Trainhopping across Serbia | Part 2

Trainhopping across Serbia | Part 3


Mission Across Tatra Mountain Valley Peaks

ILLEGAL FREEDOM: Journey Across Switzerland

ILLEGAL FREEDOM: Journey Across Bosnia & Herzegovina

ILLEGAL FREEDOM: Journey Across Island of Sardinia

Cycling Journey To The Adriatic Sea | Part 1

Cycling Journey To The Adriatic Sea | Part 2

Cycling Journey To The Adriatic Sea | Part 3

Found Computers & Gear in Abandoned Power Plant

Found Unused Nuclear Bunker Filled with Equipment

Hobo Shoestring

Snowy boxcar ride north ❄ ❄ ❄

Best ride to Ohio!

Minnesota to Nebraska BNSF

Warm dry ride to Pennsylvania/Maryland

Frozen ride across the Smokies but warm and dry coming back!

Busted but rolled on! Conductor at switch seen me! the BOOM slack action....always deafening

Yard Buzzards

Train Hopping West From Iowa (summer 2023)

Train Hopping To Kansas City (summer 2023)

Train Hopping From Chicago To New York

Train Hopping On A 80 MPH Intermodal!!!

Train Hopping And Dodging Security

Freight Train Riding/Eugene,OR.+Shasta county +Bakersfield,CA.

Freight Train Riding/ Sweetwater,TX.+Getting pulled OFF

Jumping Off The Cliff

Hop 3 Episode 1: Busted! Joliet to Stevens Point

Trying to ride freight trains to Seattle

Hi-Line Trip 2nd Try

Ooops! || Hi-Line Trip


Train Hopping/Hiking - Close Call

Train Hopping in Philadelphia

Train Hopping Through West Virginia - CSX Mountain Subdivision


Why most riders don't ride Gondolas (Hopping Freight Trains 101)

Jeans Flattened by Freight Train (Caution when Hopping Freight Trains)

Dangers of Rail Yards (hopping freight trains)

inside a suicide hopper hole (Freight Hopping)

Go Past this point you're screwed (Hopping Freight Train Lessons)

Pinning a boxcar door (hopping freight trains)

Spotted again by rail bulls - (Hopping Freight Trains 101)

How to train spot (hopping freight trains 101)

Train Lyfe

World's Most Dangerous Railway Tracks | India: The Pamban Railway | Free Documentary

The Desert Train: A Journey Through The Sahara To The Atlantic Coast | Full Documentary | TRACKS

Rovos Rail, the most luxurious train in the world: Pretoria to Cape Town trip report

Traveling Ecuador by train

Trans-Siberian by Private Train

Rovos Rail - Pride of Africa. From Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam

Exploring Namibia by Private Train

Cape to Cairo -- by trains

The BAM: Russia's Unknown Trans-Siberian Train

5 Days on a Train across Russia to the World's Coldest City (it was hell)

The WORST Train in AFRICA!

I was warned NOT to take the Sleeper Train in Ethiopia?

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