Is School Fake?
Is School Fake?

Monday • March 18th 2024 • 11:10:03 pm

Is School Fake?

Monday • March 18th 2024 • 11:10:03 pm

After a while you begin noticing that the world is not improving, there is a lot of talk, but it looks to go on a loop.

Look no further for proof than your own high school teachers, they are clearly passing everyone along, and demand memorization not comprehension.

The idea of grades, subject divisions, timed learning periods, everything moving at the schools pace, and paid college is obvious fraud.

You are not learning, and are sold an impression of education, unless you start learning on your own.

And if you do, fake schooling and homework, will interfere with it.

For example, practicing programming requires many hours a day, and high school will completely block that from happening.

To learn programming, you either need to fail high school, or play along and start learning for real after you graduate.

Your parents are using High School as a baby sitter, your teachers pretend to teach for a paycheck.

And your politicians, will eventually legalize drugs, on top of school being the place where drugs and alcohol get their start.

Fake teachers, fake education, bad grades, bad GPA as meaningless as it is, stupid bullies that make fun of you, fake education treating your future.

All adds up to a massive stress, it is far more stressful than your parents job, because they can just get another one, but you get only one chance at a fair start in life.

In other words if you get a bad GPA, that will derail your entire future, if your parents get a bad performance score, they just get a break and a different job.

First of all this is all happening, because most people are pretending to have an education.

The cool soon to e principal, that really takes interest in the students, looks great, but also shows that he has no clue who you are, and what teaching is.

You get further proof from well meaning smiley and pleasant teachers, who say that they use grades to encourage you, or correct your behavior.

They have no idea that they are making permanent marks on your future, they don’t think that far ahead, they always had OK grades themselves.

As a result all they can do, is teach as their education is also fake, all they can do if force people to perform, without comprehension.

Things get even more complicated, when you consider testing, not just teaching.

All the tests are utterly worthless, crafted to help the students that memorize, and destroy the students who wan t to learn for real.

Even if you built a real school, you could not pass those tests, as they touch on too much to comprehend.

And comprehension can only come from pursuits of curiosities, if you are not into biology, then you are not going to comprehend the cell or motor proteins, even.

Our life experiences and curiosities, are contrary to the idea of standard education.

And standardized education can only work on lowest common denominator level, and by means of memorization, which is to say it is job and obedience training.

School is not about knowledge, for knowledge you have to turn to self education.

Where tests don’t really exist, as they become a matter of how far you travel into the world of your curiosities.

Real education is purely about the pleasure of finding things out, to borrow Feynman’s words.

You can figure out the solution on your own, what you need is a way to tell if what I am saying is true.

And a way to measure how bad things really are, in your part of the world and school system.

And I have tool you can use, it is the most rebellious and blasphemous and wizardly thing that has ever existed.

And you don’t have to master it, often you get a lot out of it, if you just use it in your thought experiences as a test framework.

That tool is the art of programming, and the way you use it, is this.

The teacher presents a new subject, architecture of a cell, strict philosophical logic, or even paining on canvas.

And you try to see what you need to create a computer program, if they teach you enough to create a meaningful program, that is good.

If not, then that is partial knowledge, filler material, to make it look like they are working.

The way you deal with architecture of a cell in this context, is by simulating it, did they teach you enough to simulate a cell?

In context of logic, can you write a program, that function in a way the teacher described? Does it work to produce something meaningful or is it obvious?

And the act of painting on canvas, is also compatible with computers, did they teach you enough to create a color mixing program?

Can you create a program based on what the teacher taught about portraits, and can you project the result on canvas and paint it from there.

If the teacher teacher hand eye coordination, than that is also fraud.

And the wall projector above their empty head, is actually a camera obscura, or camera lucida, depending how you look at it.

Functional knowledge means, you can make a program.

If you can’t make a program, then the teacher is just burning time to collect the paycheck.

They’ll force you into inventing cramming, and blame it all on you if they ever get caught.

Look, I recommend you get a real education, don’t memorize, don’t take tests crafted to force you to do so.

Get together with your finds, face the fact that you are being cheated, and at first, every Friday begin searching for “Learning JavaScript” videos.

Despite what others may say, JavaScript is a flexible universe, superior to Perl, PHP, that begun the building of web applications.

When you learn a programming language other than JavaScript, the day you finish your big project, you will still need to learn JavaScript to correctly put it on the web.

Put an A-Team together, and begin learning programming, so that you have a real and functional education, that enables you to create real things.

Take to the Appalachian trail with powerful narrate books playing in your ear, and aim to grow all they way up until you become a great being.

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