In Search For Greatness
In Search For Greatness

Monday • November 20th 2023 • 11:57:12 pm

In Search For Greatness

Monday • November 20th 2023 • 11:57:12 pm

You might have noticed, that trouble is suspiciously regional.

That is because, trouble makers are self indoctrinating…

Into their local culture, with some help, from whoever the thugs are.

Indoctrination is that thing, makes our younger selves.

Unquestionably believe, into all the things we were born into.

Perhaps an evolutionary adaptation, because in a jungle…

Those who don’t listen to the elders, quickly become some creatures dinner.

But it may just be, that we believe, because we are lovely.

Because we are more beautiful then we can know, and born to trust, and propagate wisdom and greatness.

Both people of arrogance, and malice, not always at the same time.

Have used our beautiful tendency to trust, to their sick advantage.

Look no further, than TV commercials.

Those exploit this notion that we accept what we see all the time as the norm.

We even parade the company logos, on T-Shirts, or stickers on our cars.

This is a mild example, things get dark from here fast.

Schools have for example, failed us, and we have failed to notice.

But rather than dark imaginations, we aught to ask, how to go around all this.

How do we independently grow, and not get caught up in fantasy and nonsense.

How do we get out of this sticky situation, and out into the world of the real.

How do we trade the computer mouse, for the other kind of mouse.

And you know, it turns out.

That the start of our personal journey, is very similar to the heights the entire world must reach.

So we begin, where the world, may need, up to a thousand years to get to.

And there is a neat word for it, that simply plugs into the idea of growing up.

To go around, to unplug, we must set of on our personal individual quest for Greatness.

Greatness is not something the lucky win, it is just the natural outcome…

Of growing, all the way up.

We have to learn to love adventure, because when we are camping of hiking.

The stress we were under fades away, and our natural curiosity for books emerges.

The modern books are narrated, and books were meant to be heard all along.

And it is the combination, of nature trail and countless wise narrated books.

The room to hear and comprehend, that will undo, whatever we were born into.

And set us on course, to resume where Humanity’s clearest of thinkers left off.

It is hard to find the correct books in the sea, of all the things that others want you to become.

So that they can collect a little bit of coin, from a lot of people.

But, all the world’s intellectuals know the names, Scientists, Philosophers, Profound Troublemakers.

The Authentic thinkers, and the great hikers, and dreamers, and poets.

Start with the history of philosophy, and once you get to the present, and there is no more.

Grow all the way up until you become a great being, and add a new chapters for others to reach.