Code Generation
Code Generation

Sunday • May 26th 2024 • 12:40:03 am

Code Generation

Sunday • May 26th 2024 • 12:40:03 am

Learning programming is about setting yourself free from poverty, and more importantly setting your self free from fear of poverty.

We are placed into poverty on purpose, so that our politicians don’t have to do much to make the nations go.

In the future, forcing children to inherit poverty, or live in poverty, will be seen as barbaric and unethical, and reason for un-education and wars.

It is impossible to learn while e are poor, self education and knowledge, is a masterpiece, a work of dreams, arts, inspirations, and curiosities.

You can’t create masterpiece art, when faced with living on the street, when being constantly out of money, or in debt and shame.

And most tragically suffering brain-fog, and necessary tiredness, from simply not being able to justify the purchase of healthy foods.

Poverty and Fear of Poverty placed upon us by political shortsightedness, keeps us down, keeps us desperate and small.

And politicians in their incompetence see that and call us Joe Sixpack, they see that as evidence that we don’t want to aspire and rise.

Some may even see the ineffective standardized education slop we get, as more than good enough, as we couldn't possibly pass more complex classes.

They will say “the grades are already pretty low”, “they can’t handle more than that“.

But school does not actually teach, we don’’t actually learn, we briefly come in contact with some easy to memorize shreds of concepts.

And that is not education, that is memorization, acting, pretending, playing into the game that in the end hurts us the most.

To learn for real, is so different from that we get today, that most teachers who themselves were exposed to fake education, can’t handle it.

Their response to accusations like these, is a personal attack, that begins with the words “What’s his problem.”.

Can’t comprehend the problem, at all, they are just as big of a victim of fake education as the rest of us.

Except because of their position, and the unearned prestige, they will never examine results and ask if that worked.

Let me show you, real education.

One subject at a time, the first and foremost subject being programming, as it is like a microscope and a simulation framework that helps students explore.

Students begin with an untyped language from the C family, today that is JavaScript, where they can move fast.

And leave variable configuration, and translation to other languages to language models and AI.

They learn programming in the browser, with the aid of HTML, and XML for application structure (could not be more fun with cheerio).

And immediately make the jump to Electron, or browser based desktop applications, where the browser UI is hidden away.

Their first project, a zooming user interface, over a visual programming language, that supports countless paradigms in windows that then can be connected together.

In one window, they have tools to build tables of a database, in another they design the UI for a database browser, and connect the two.

This program is their window into he complexity of the universe, in other windows, they have tools to manipulate the chemical bond.

In another window tools, to connect to a database of molecules, that they can now study at depth, both by interaction/simulation and querying AI.

And another window with a pretty pixel based game that shows, how slow the speed of light is.

This cute little pixel game is an explosion of connections, to math, physics engines, electronics and joystick control, to star databases, and even an AI pilot.

Every desktop is an expression, of the student’s uniqueness and personal curiosities.

And an AI that offers new lessons and directions that fit that uniqueness.

And here, in a school that believes in them, they make their own connections, to higher ideals, mind maps and concept maps with philosophical ideas...

Simulations of congregations of AI personalities, that create wiser nations…

With an aim on moral excellence and unity, the only direction that can lead the world towards real peace.

There are no grades, the aim is not some imaginary graduation, but the building of a series of small companies until some of them stick.

This. Is real education, where everything connects together, where every connection has a meaning, and where AI gives personalized instruction.

Effective education will set an upwards slope to their growing up, they will intuit one of the most important truths, so obscured today.

That to grow up, means to grow all the way up, until each student becomes a great being.

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