Introduction To Dance
Introduction To Dance

Wednesday • April 28th 2021 • 10:48:01 pm

Introduction To Dance

Wednesday • April 28th 2021 • 10:48:01 pm

Robert Ardrey once said,

that we will be known among the stars by our poems.

He meant poems in the broad sense of the word,


Even more powerful than a poem,

is a dance.

Dance was invented to keep warriors, fit,

it was invented for battle.

But since,

Humanity has grown to make it nobler.

To make it beautiful,

our dancing will be seen as one of our most magnificent ideas.

I grew up with Fred Astaire,

and Mr. Bean.

I think Mr Beanbastic,

is a real gem.

Of course, so is the choreography of the Napoleon Dynamite Dance,

which is used in joyful tutorials, and epic dares.

It did not occur to me to start dancing until I saw Big Daddy Fat do it,

it is a variation on the Melbourne Shuffle which has undergone great evolution.

We all remember Flashdance and Dirty Dancing,

but very few of us realize that dancing is a very important part of growing up.

If you are not yet in shape, that is OK,

begin with a Rocky IV style exercise, where you avoid machines and try to work and flex your full body.

Jog, shuffle your feet to lifting dumbbells, try swimming, skating, bicycling,

or hitting the trails and camping through beautiful adventures.

If you are large, that means you already have the muscles,

you just need a cute little diet.

Switch your meals to be dominated by shredded lettuce,

and only flavored by your favorite foods, you can even stick a little bit of a hamburger, or cut up a hot-dog into your lettuce creation.

Lettuce is less of a health food, and more of a filler material,

it will lower the caloric density of your daily food intake, and help your muscles come through for you.


will help you set aside all that is not important.

And dancing will make you healthy,

flexible, strong, and even grow your muscles more, so as long as you dance fast, honest, and every day.

The dance I recommend is the Shuffle Dance,

it is a combination of the Running Man and the T-Step.

Once you get your feet used to the Running Man,

take a look at the move set tutorial by Anastasiia Kirilik on YouTube for more moves.

Start with slow music Alan Walker works great,

please remember to use music during your practice, synchronize your running man with the beat, and the switch of the feet to the sound between the beat.

You need that beat,

and it has to be a slow song that moves your feet.

Your feet learn dance the same way,

that your brain learns a poem.

Just trying to dance,

will get your feet prepared.

And you will make,

fewer mistakes as you go.

Lastly, as you speed your music up, your shuffle may transform to a much more optimized and lower version,

and that is OK, it is jut not possible to do the full Running Man to very fast music, so your feet will make a smaller motion to hit every beat.

Take good care of your play list,

it only takes a few months to run out of all the songs.

A new and fresh song,

will give you energy, your body will move much faster.

But as you get use to it,

that energy will fade, so you have to keep searching for new songs, every week and sometimes every day.

So as long as you dance,

you will become better at it.

Don't be scared,

and don't be too shy.