Of The Tutorial And Diagram - Plus, A Programming Challenge
Of The Tutorial And Diagram - Plus, A Programming Challenge

Friday • May 19th 2023 • 11:12:03 pm

Of The Tutorial And Diagram - Plus, A Programming Challenge

Friday • May 19th 2023 • 11:12:03 pm

Never let not understanding something, get to you, it is a healthy and natural state.

Furthermore, when working on complex things...

Our minds demand that we think, and draw diagrams at the same time.

The diagrams provide visual support for our toughs, and help us go up and down the problem at hand.

Use colorful precision thin tip markers, with with drawing (not sketching) paper.

Just get, art notebooks.

Though the diagrams quickly turn to gibberish, as you advance your concepts.

Mark my words, you will regret throwing away your diagram journals.

Flow diagramming is a very important power, without which, you won’t be able to build, big.

This type of digging into thoughts, of pulling them out with the aid of markers or graphite.

Is an extremely important tool, that you have to employ all the time.

Allow me to give you an example... after a few weeks of not programming...

I get very confused about the sequence of Drag and Drop operations, drag-able nodes, drag data types, drop and drag-over events.

And especially, actual custom dragging of elements, where you have to update the x and y coordinates...

As the dragging event, fires every 50 milliseconds or so.

And Drag and Drop functionality is extremely important, it is like a proto-user-interface.

You have to implement all the dragging and dropping in your apps, before you get to button and input boxes.

Very often, it will cut down on your UI needs, and certainly get the application functional faster.

But for a normal person like myself, not knowing this on a visual/conceptual level, is perfectly fine.

No one should be able to cold-turkey navigate, drag and drop operations of an application that they are still inventing.

It would be unhealthy, unbalanced, it would be a go out and touch the grass type of thing.

Therefore, when you are unsure about drag and drop, you shouldn't feel that you are not good enough.

You should not feel, that programming confuses you, or that programming is not for you.

Entry into complicated things, requires diagramming and tutorials.

Nobody who lives a balanced life, grasps confusing work-flows of concepts cold turkey.

You are just as smart as a good programmer, except that they know to start with diagrams… you see.

And some need to look at a raggedy, novice programmer tutorials as well.

Even if just to pick up on a sane sequence, of feature implementation.

So, when you hear complicated things, don’t feel confused.

Just put the topic into a search box, followed by the word tutorial;

So for drag and drop, you just search for “Drag and Drop tutorial”.

Don’t let yourself feel confused, not knowing something new, is normal.

You just need a tutorial and a diagram, that is how it is always done.

Finally, a programming challenge, I challenge you to learn about networking.

By writing a browser plugin, that will auto-scroll your favorite website.

Collect all the articles, memes, and comments into a simple database.

To which you must create, a custom user interface program.

This way you will get to read your news, on a website of your own making.

Lastly, give your app a trashcan with drag and drop functionality, that will hide deleted articles and any users that cross you.

As a bonus get your classmates, to co-found a data scraping company.

And sell your program as a desktop application, visually programmable via something like svelvet diagrams.