Peg Leg Island
Peg Leg Island

Wednesday • May 3rd 2023 • 11:25:10 pm

Peg Leg Island

Wednesday • May 3rd 2023 • 11:25:10 pm

Though, solid science backed, It is in fact, a little know fact.

That the state mistakenly called Winter Wonderland, is geologically speaking, a stray Hawaiian island.

It floats connected to a state that nobody wants to go and see, and is surrounded by lakes that form an actual sweet ice tea sea.

We may not know__how__, exactly, we got here, though sure as sunshine, we are each hold the ocean dear.

Though this state is many a wooden leg huge, those lakes, are still, a mighty deluge.

We’re about a size of a big European nation, and with lakes as big as many a sea, quite a destination.

We are so huge, that the calendar may read July 4th, and it can still be freaking snowing up north.

So huge, that out peg leg island, creates it own climate.

At the time of writing we are enjoying, out sixteenth winter this year, and it never gets annoying.

And just like real winter, we had 70 degrees some days ago, and went into autumn and now we are ready for more freaking snow.

In fact the seasons here, change so fast, that you blink, and the winter has passed.

And you can never guess which season the weather will bring, It Could be Autumn, or Summer, or Winter or Spring.

Some people just dress for summer all year long, and they absolutely look like, they belong.

If you ever visit Michigan for whatever reason, know that two weeks will show you more than one Season.