Three Apples A Day; Or, Understanding Workout Duration
Three Apples A Day; Or, Understanding Workout Duration

Tuesday • November 28th 2023 • 11:39:05 pm

Three Apples A Day; Or, Understanding Workout Duration

Tuesday • November 28th 2023 • 11:39:05 pm

This advice is for those who want a transformative workout, as opposed to merely maintain their physique, via a maintenance workout.

A transformative workout, helps to burn fat, and gain muscle.

A maintenance workout, is where a healthy person, who feels healthy does a routine to stay fit.

It is also important to explain what a workout, is, above all, you do not rest during a workout.

And you get to this point, the same way joggers, eventually eliminate the need for stopping to catch their breath.

By gradually increasing your endurance, you workout a little bit longer a little bit faster when you feel you can.

And eventually, get up to 45 minutes and beyond.

Let me be clear, when you go out on a 45 minute jog, but end up jogging 30 seconds six times, and spend the rest walking.

You can’t come home and say, “I just had an excellent jog.”, you are not allowed to think that even.

What you did was walk for 42 minutes, and jog for 3, you you had an excellent walk, it was not a jog.

It is important to make that distinction, because walking long distances is a great way to get started with jogging.

So it is good to take a walk with a sprinkle of a jog, as I stated above, by gradually extending that sprinkle by 30 seconds.

You will eventually jog for 10 minutes, and then 15, and then 25, and almost 40, and then before you know it.

You will be jogging the full 45 minutes, maybe 60, and proud as heck.

And which is more, you will now be getting faster, and returning home from your jog by a couple of minutes sooner.

There isn’t a medal gold enough, to be more precious than those minutes saved.

And let me be clear about that too, because those minutes are saving your life, helping you live healthier and longer.

Now that we have defined out terms, and understand that a workout is non-stop

Let us work through the analogy, that explains the importance, of workout duration.

This issue is a simple, as simply asking, “How long should I workout for, to get my body to where I want it to be?”

Imagine going to a doctor, and she becomes concerned about your vitamin levels.

Being a wise doctor she prescribes three apples a day, for a solid two weeks, that is all it will take to fix your problem.

So you come home, with a huge bag of 21 apples, you eat one in the morning, struggle at noon…

And then in the evening, you just can’t, it is just too much, so you do your best, with two apples a day, already a struggle.

And you visit your doctor after two weeks, she tests your vitamins, and you still get the same diagnosis.

You are still deficent, perhaps maybe you lowered the chance of getting sick, maybe, but the diagnosis sis still the same, you are vitamin deficient.

You know what that means, of course, the two apples didn’t do anything for you.

Your struggle to chow down two huge apples, was meaningless.

It might have prevented your condition, from getting worse, and certainly as quickly as it was getting before.

But you are still getting worse, and above all still deficient, therefore it was a meaningless struggle.

Unlike mean apples, your workouts are always doing great things for you.

But, the lesson from above still holds true, if you don’t work out for long enough…

If there is obesity in your path, it is still moving towards you, if beauty is what you seek, it will arrive so slowly, that you will first get old.

While old age is a privilege denied to many, and it is nothing short of wisdom, you will want that beauty sooner, and thus fail.

And it gets worse, what I am telling you here, is that for those of us who are large.

Even a two hour non stop dance with dumbbells, isn’t going to do it for you.

If you are large, you may need three hours, though, thankfully, it is rarely for more than a year.

But you see, if your workout is not long enough, it will not work out, at all.

It will maintain you, and slow down trouble, but it will not deliver.

If you want a transformation, consider adding 60 minutes to your workout, work on it as hard as you worked towards the first 60 minutes.

But be good to yourself, take as long as you need to adapt, and you will have your health sooner, and meet your goals faster.

Lastly, a word of advice, use an interval timer to extend your workout, move to the beat of music (also called dancing).

Add more and more faster songs to your playlist, and rely on the dance trance to carry you through your workouts.

And when your feet start hurting, Take the shoe off, and rub them.

The combination of stopping for a minute and rubbing the pain receptors. Will reboot your foot, and the pain will be gone for a long while.

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