Snow Thunder
Snow Thunder

Saturday • March 4th 2023 • 10:24:40 pm

Snow Thunder

Saturday • March 4th 2023 • 10:24:40 pm

Writing my Friday rhyme, and having a dandy ‘ol time.

Until it started snowing, and my files got going…

And you should know, that it was a really wet and snow.

Earlier in the day when I went to get chicken, and the snow was already kicking.

Going down an overpass, I gently slowed to 30 as not to be an ass.

When the idiot truck behind me did try to pass, he captured that title with great class.

Along with two googly wheels, which will cost him a few meals.

But as the evening came about, with thunderous shout. the power was already flickering out.

It shut down my system thrice, and it was no computer, no dice.

I went outside into the snow with a shuffle, in hopes of documenting the Kerfuffle.

I previously parked under now weeping trees, it looked like they would snap at a sneeze.

Now I had to move my car, always know where your troubles are.

In the distance I could hear branches snapping, with an occasional buzz of of their zapping.

Then I looked up and power lines were everywhere, I got goosebumps and a good scare.

You never know where, a snapping branch will make a new tear.

When I skedaddled under my roof, shook the flakes off with a floof.

I muttered with an expression that looked deadpan, “This, this is why you eat chicken as fast as you can.”

I went to bed, and turned on a Bill Bryson Book, and listened until my sleep took.

The Eve Of Thundersnow and Ice, I got out of bed next day at noon, having slept, twice.