Paint-overs and Color Picking
Paint-overs and Color Picking

Thursday • October 12th 2023 • 10:47:06 pm

Paint-overs and Color Picking

Thursday • October 12th 2023 • 10:47:06 pm

Good art changes lives, and it is happy ideas and constant practice, that makes a person an artist.

Or in reverse, art that does not change lives, needs improvement, and not painting all the time stops a person from being an artist.

There is a myth being spread, to slow you down, and even sometimes discourage you from becoming an artist.

The people who do that are not mentors, not teachers, and they are in fact not artists.

Because to become an artist, you must have a beautiful heart.

Drawing faces freehand is a real thing, but it is born from years of practice.

Teaching such a thing as the first and foremost, is a scam to take tuition money from poor students.

Teaching you proportions first, may seem like a good idea.

But when you think about all the students that gave up, you can easily catch a false teacher, who hopes to beak people.

Art is all about happiness, it is, all about cheerfulness.

It is easy sailing from the beginning to the end, nothing but loveliness and joy.

This is the secret to capturing love of life, to capturing spirit over mere appearance.

Miserable art practice, can only make a mean and miserable artist.

Precisely the kind, that wants to lift themselves above you, at the cost of denying you entry into the art world.

Tidy up your desk, order or go get a cheap $50 drawing pen and tablet.

Install Krita, watch a tutorial, on how to use the Reference Image tool

Set it up, use the square marker brush, and begin color picking, tracing, and painting over.

Not only are shapes infinite, and infinitely re-colored by light.

Our brains do a lot of work, that gets in the way of creating art.

For example the same mix of color, will appear different depending on its background.

Color picking and paint overs, is the only way to study visual complexity.

Don't let others trick you away from, self education, that delivers new art within hours.

When you have shape and color reference, all that is left is the act of painting.

And there is no better way to learn, there will never be a better way to learn.

What a beautiful start this is... a solid foundation of hyper-realism.

That helps you see, what the camera can't capture.

That instantly helps you see the limits, so that you can begin to build around them.

You are already an artist, you are perfectly capable of hyper realism.

You can even use the liquefy tool on your source images, to push yourself away.

You can begin today, with the artwork that will show on page one, of your art book, that will document your rise away from realism.

Paint-overs and color-picking are not ugly, they mark a cheerful, independent beginning.

Go ahead, take a picture, paint it, send it back, and look how much you have learned, and how much joy it brought you.

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