Easing Yourself Into Camping
Easing Yourself Into Camping

Saturday • February 3rd 2024 • 12:49:13 am

Easing Yourself Into Camping

Saturday • February 3rd 2024 • 12:49:13 am

Camping is by far, and bar none, one of the more interesting things you can do.

One moment you are at home, microwaving, showering, downloading.

And the next, your sausage is on a stick, over a large fire.

That you had to build, out of fallen trees protected by mosquitoes.

You have used wipes in places, you weren't even sure you had.

And if you desire reception, you will need to find a tall ancient dune.

And about the only thing you can download, is short text messages.

And a log, as large animals frequent high grounds.

The reason why, you would want to inconvenience yourself like this.

Is pretty massive, it is enough to stay in those woods a goodie long while.

Stress is a gas, that you have no way to detect, you will never know how bad you have it.

Until you go into the woods, we are talking indoctrination level mind prison.

So it is not a question, of why you would want to go...

But how soon, before it is warm enough at night.

Like obesity, stress is handled by out body, all too well...

So well, that our bodies will effectively, march us, into an early grave.

We will accept that we are big boned, or that we have short fuse, without thinking about it at all.

But neither are true, our body just loves us to death.

Camping, is part of a larger process.

It is already, a part of an easing process.

But let me show you, how to ease yourself into camping first.

Find a state park by a lake, or ocean, and camp next to your car at first.

Setup your tent 20 feet away, have your fire in a little brick ring.

There will be wood near by, prepared by the Park Rangers and friends.

Enjoy people watching, test out your gear, and go on long walks.

Then, find a state park with a hike-in site, my first one was Jack Pine in Ludington, Michigan.

And leave your car at the parking lot, and hike in.

Being away from people, but full of crumbs.

Makes hiking sites very popular, among Raccoons.

Woodland raccoons are not trash pandas, more like well behaved little bears.

They will demand a wholesome succulent meal, but also clean and tidy up, and give you a loving look.

You don't have to head for a tiny wilderness the same year, hike-in sites will take care of all your stress.

And help you make enough room for narrated books, but they can be busy with chattering stranger, and sometimes even booked.

You will wonder, why pay, and go through all this, where you can set up camp far an away from people.

At a tiny and safe wilderness, like Nordhouse Dunes.

Before you know it, you'll be setting up camp.

But in a much more open, much more natural setting.

There will be more room for you, your tent site for one, will look like a nature cathedral.

There will be more fallen branches for a fire, and a more private beach spot.

So private, that for the duration of your stay, the beach is yours.

One way or another you will spot other campers, but they will be tiny colorful dots, and far away.

So you won't feel isolated, but you will be alone.

If at all possible, bring friends, so that you are alone together.

You'll listen to your won books, stay in your own tents.

And buddy up to gather wood, the woods are safe, but it is better to go with someone quiet.

With someone who also needs to test, the level of stress they are under.

Camping, is an introduction to hiking.

And full hiking, means that you pack each morning.

And walk 10 or 20 miles, to your next camp.

This act of moving, does not just take your stress away.

But returns, all that was taken.

Your intellectual inheritance for one, you need to carefully comprehend a large number of books.

And you can only achieve that on a long trail, reading on weekends is a crayon-cartoon version of hearing books.

Here, you go from chasing promotions, to wondering about architecture of modern politics.

Science popularize books, will show you how education really works.

That you need a lattice, upon which you can affix all kinds of curiosities.

That you can then pursue, at your own pace and sequence.

And high achievements of great beings, will teach you that you must grow all the way up.

And too, become a great being.

You are not to stop, part way, as your teachers would have it.

By not learning, by tolerating political inaction, The world, will be forced to repeat mistakes.

Without broad education, that hiking long trails will bestow upon you.

You can only follow, and never lead.

You should know, that there exist trails, that require months to cross.

The triple crown, for one, consists of three such trails.

The Appalachian in the East, the Pacific Crest in the West.

And Continental Divide, in the middle.

Finally, don't be scared.

You should have no greater fear, than not knowing about the world.

And hiking long distances with wise Narrated Books playing in your ear, is the most meaningful education, you can ever hope for.

As to the rest, it is just part of the adventure.

If you are ever eyed by frightening Hillbillies, just make sure you have finer hand forged cutlery, and share your books if you can.

Bears can be easily taken down with with nailclippers and some hair spray, so as long as you confidently race at them, with one in each hand.

And as Cougars go, though they will scream like hell, just help them find their way back to their camp.

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