Humanity Rising; Or, For The World To Bloom
Humanity Rising; Or, For The World To Bloom

Monday • March 20th 2023 • 9:38:11 pm

Humanity Rising; Or, For The World To Bloom

Monday • March 20th 2023 • 9:38:11 pm

Be of good cheer, for life is dear.

Don’t let the world get to you, find your philosophy books and enlarge your view.

Today the world is a mind of shreds and patches, we still await the day, when Humanity hatches.

Uneducated and divided we will face war after war, repeating the same mistakes we made before.

Fake leaders will say “World war eight, will be won with hate.”

When, errors weave through humanity like a thread, you have to keep it all out of your head.

There exist nations that corrupt minds as a rule, to turn their entire populations into a war tool.

Nobody who reads books and loves wisdom, would call anything like that, a nation or a system.

Stand up for peace, and Human Kind, don’t let lies twist your mind.

We have problems at the very core, not symptoms but causes lead to war.

Above all, we can’t learn when we are poor, not without a mind padded by armor.

And we can argue all we want, but an argument here is a mere flaunt.

SQL is not algebra but glue, and prerequisites will still leave a student without clue.

But boy will they argue about their first day at work, who is the smarter and who is a dork.

That is just gibberish and babble, a crooked game of scrabble.

Neither is educated, both are fools, turned by their poor teachers into mere tools.

The answer “both” is so often true, that you must stand alert and never let it get to you.

When you have to put merchandise back on the shelf, do not feel like you have disgraced yourself.

Poverty is not your fault, Humanity is under assault.

In poverty we cannot learn for real we get stuck, the only way out may just be luck.

And we cannot exit poverty without education, that is the part that gnaws every nation.

Poverty ate the teachers, and spat back out preachers.

And round an round in circle we tumble, with the occasional war fumble.

Stand up for your self and real education, as that is the foundation of every nation.

That liars always win maybe true, but they also never have a clue.

To protect the future of the word, stop pretending and doing what you are told.

Begin at the library, get all the philosophy books you can carry.

Only in real and effective, life changing education, can humanity merge in to a single peaceful nation.

If you are not learning, then stop pretending, because that is the path to the bad ending.

You are not meat to be processed in to a tool, a brave soldier, an over worker, or some other ghoul.

Your mind is beautiful and it meant to bloom, do not let others twist you to your doom.

What are you curious about? Because that marks the books you should check out.

Curiosity by curiosity find all your books, and turn adventures into reading nooks.

Without real leaders we can’t move the world, so please, rise up, and stop doing what you are told.

The meaning of your life is found in becoming a great being, a person with an unlimited power of seeing.

And when all others around you rise to the same height, Humanity will step out of its blight.

Real education, by the daring few, will end poverty and let the rest join you.