Doggone It; Or, The New Tools And The New Art Renaissance
Doggone It; Or, The New Tools And The New Art Renaissance

Monday • January 16th 2023 • 11:21:54 pm

Doggone It; Or, The New Tools And The New Art Renaissance

Monday • January 16th 2023 • 11:21:54 pm

I practice Art by pursuing Hyper Realism, I stray for the sake of texture.

But I am a Pop Surrealist, because Humanity will be know among the starts for its Cute Bubble Gum Lowbrow Art.

The greatest, and most revolutionary, and one of the most beautiful things in the universe.

So I generated 400 Fluffy Lowbrow Characters, as the first order of the week.

The trick was to add “Oh my god, it is so fluffy I could die.”, to the Stable Diffusion prompt – made sense to me.

I liked what I saw, but I was not impressed, because purely synthetic computer creation lack class, humor, and the punchline.

“It is not art”, I said, though those are art products, that can be traded for money.

So I focused, on the alfa and the omega, the insipration, and the medium, with stable diffusion Artificial Intelligence in the middle.

The key to this img2img, or image to image, where you can escape synthetic creations…

By using an image that means something to you, you can even use your High School watercolor creations.

I just looked around for silly things, that stuck out somehow.

I loaded it up as the starting point to the Stable Diffusion Image Synthesis, giving the robot a soul of cuteness.

Letting it convert my source photo to Furry Kawaii Anime, and perhaps tomorrow something more serious to balance things out.

The omega, is a set of 4x4 frames I purchased, and I print the Generative Art at a local pharmacy that has a photo print station.

I am still not ready to launch an art show, but I have 12 very silly and incredibly furry opening images.

I repaired whatever the AI did not generate correctly in Krita, and I must say, that was a fun few hours.

Becasue it is AI, and it is heavily automated, I need more stand alone works, to show, that I did put in some effort into it.

So in that way, AI, just helps you make more people smile, it helps you make a difference in more lives, and no one can argue that this is a bad thing.

If I was working with Krita, I would be 1/3 done with, a single painting, with AI, I am about 1/5th into it with 50 to 90 more works to go.

It is just a different kind of tool, for a different kind of appreciation.

The same negativity was had around Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida, around the first Photographs, Videos, Digital Photograps, Wall Projecots.

Again, AI is just a different tool, that creates a different kind of work.

Now, we can ask the question is it art, what makes art art, the the ability to change lives.

If you something that changes your life for the better, whatever it was, it was a piece of good art, above all.

It is not about effort, though escaping effort is a crime…

This is that difference between art and just an art product, that will only put food on the table.

In terms of effort, the solution is purely mathematical, a good piece of art takes at least 100 hours of work.

So just spend 100 hours with generative AI, and we can call it a good start.

In closing, the AI can be trained on your own Art and your own Models, so as long as you are Honest, Authentic, Hard Working, and Life Changing… It is art.