The Web Extension Developer
The Web Extension Developer

Sunday • July 16th 2023 • 1:41:29 pm

The Web Extension Developer

Sunday • July 16th 2023 • 1:41:29 pm

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⚠️ Block Web Ads

Browser Extensions - Matt Claypotch - JSConf US 2018

What's new in Chrome Extensions

11.3: Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts - Programming with Text

Making a chrome extension is actually super easy #shorts

Building a Custom Firefox Chrome Extension with ChatGPT in 3 Minutes.

Chrome Extensions

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CODE WITH ME: Build a Chrome Extension | How to Build & Publish a Chrome Extension JavaScript & HTML

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ContextMenu - Firefox WebExtensions API

Firefox Add ons Development #001 - Why Develop Add ons

Creating WebExtensions for Firefox 002 - wiki sidebar

Using AI

How to Make A Chrome Extension with ChatGPT

You're using ChatGPT WRONG | How I would learn to CODE in 2023 with the help of AI

Code With Me: Building with OpenAI's API and GitHubs Copilot | Python and JavaScript

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This Basic Chrome Extension Is Making $44,000,000/Year

How To Create A Plugin That Will Make Millions In Revenue

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cross-Browser Web Extensions

11.8: Cross-Browser Extensions - Programming with Text

Top 10 CSS One Liners That Will Blow Your Mind

Eirik Vullum: JavaScript Metaprogramming - ES6 Proxy Use and Abuse | JSConf Budapest 2017

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