Resuming Where The Giants Left Off
Resuming Where The Giants Left Off

Saturday • March 25th 2023 • 11:26:43 pm

Resuming Where The Giants Left Off

Saturday • March 25th 2023 • 11:26:43 pm

One of the most nefarious things you will ever hear as a young person, is “You need to graduate to get a job”.

Above all, you shouldn't get a flimsy job, you need to run your own business, born from years of learning how to launch startups.

That is what High School should be for, teaching you how to build a firm foundation for all of your future.

But the really bad part of that sentence, sneaks up on you, the way indoctrination does.

Because you are led to believe, that education is about succeeding in life.

To paraphrase Erica Goldson, you go through indoctrination to get a job.

Here, all the huff an puff award winning teachers, would stop me and say no one believes that.

But they are just shielding their minds, from examining the lie.

And thing are far worse, than school will get you a job.

Schools are ineffective, teachers can’t teach, the standardized curriculum forces memorization, and never comprehension.

School is a prison, where kids are kept under the threat of being held back, of being ridiculed, of having a low GPA and ruining the rest of their life.

And it get even worse, because these threats, scare the student away, from saying “But, Miss, Sheadache I am not learning anything”.

Because then the teacher will say, “Well, then you are going to have to repeat the class”

It is not only that students are forced to believe, education is about a job.

But that they are tricked to participate, in innefective education, by life destroying threats.

It must be noted, that bullies only get worse, when a person is held back, he child becomes trash to them.

And as a result, become a bully, in part to prove themselves, in part to show that they can be violent too.

Not to mention drug use, where children are tricked into thinking, everyone should try it, everyone does it, and those who do get bragging rights.

Award winning educators, have no arguments to make, just like church members can’t apologize for all the evil done in the name of some fantasy.

In fact, education is everything, but we must recognize that there are two kinds, and that education is not the best word for it.

The two kinds of education are, effective, and ineffective.

At the moment as far as we know, effective education is self driven, or curiosity driven.

Where curiosities combine to create a body of knowledge, greater, than any school can teach.

Ineffective education, or the church of knowledge, is just pretending to learn to pass enough tests to graduate, but not retaining anything.

Retention demands the gravity f curiosity, the neverending returns to further ones hobby.

Standardized test based education, is just make believe education.

The better name for effective and authentic education, would have to capture:

“Helping people grow out of misinformation, or indoctrination, in order to help them resume at the points where great beings of previous generation left-off”

There are two alternatives to the world “education” that come to mind, “Advancement Of Human Kind”, or the much shorter, Progress.

Here teachers will not be able to create a false picture of education, as advancement and progress are about betterment and growth.

To all my critics, to allow the fraud of ineffective education, is to drive the world into self destruction.

You do not want to be on that side of history, I encourage all my contrarians to argue the smaller points.

We must all agree that ineffective education, can only lead to a certain end.

To choose progress over fraud and bickering, is to create a future without poverty, or need of weapons of mass destruction.

It is not borders that divide us, but indoctrination, bad ideas, and varying levels of ineffective education.

The first generation that starts their reading, writing, and arithemtic, institutional stating loud and clear that it exists for the advancement of Human Kind.

Will proudly fight like hell, to actually advance human kind, and not merely go out with a whimper of the not quite and never enough…

No one should be cursed to merely get to a job by performing in ineffective, and then helplessly wonder, how could things turn out this bad.

Fake education may very well be set in cement for now, but all you need to do to hep your children out of this nightmare.

Is to clearly state that standardized education is ineffective or fake, simply for the reason of teachers and all involved in schooling getting paid.

Help your children to narrated books, and guide them to get to know every great human being held in high esteem by all the worlds clear thinking intellectuals.

Finally my last word is to the teachers, they are behaving the way they are.

Because the moment you tricked them into memorization to merely pass the tests, and then stamped them with grades, they understood that you sold them out – and that you are not worthy of their time.

It is never too late, and never too soon, to rise up, and teach for real, so that your students receive an effective and authentic education that will help them, and in turn the world, advance.