Build Up Your Endurance; Or, Endurance As A Multiplier
Build Up Your Endurance; Or, Endurance As A Multiplier

Friday • January 19th 2024 • 11:25:47 pm

Build Up Your Endurance; Or, Endurance As A Multiplier

Friday • January 19th 2024 • 11:25:47 pm

Endurance is what joggers get over, to be able to jog without stopping or gasping for air.

Or if they feel purrticularly fancy, to be able to chit-chat with each other wile sprinting like cats.

Endurance, may look like strength but it is not, it is the ability to go on lifting light weights forever.

There is one tiny quirk, because endurance workouts are so long.

That quirk is boredom, you need to invent an anti-boredom strategy.

I can think of two, really, really neat ones.

The first is jogging with dumbbells, out on the streets of your city.

And second is dancing to dance songs, where you attempt to lift on every beat.

Synchronizing with beats, or dancing as some people call it...

Will put you in a trance, a dance trance, that will make even a four hour workout feel like 40 minutes.

Endurance is the heart of a workout, without extending your endurance your body will not adapt.

The challenges you put your body through, will be too short, to quiet, and will get lost in the noise.

Finally, the simplest and least distracting way, to extend your endurance, is a cheap no-brand clip-on interval timer.

That will vibrate on your belt or waist band, letting you know when you can rest, and when you need to move.

This way you are not counting anything, you are not looking at the clock or timer.

You maybe able to find a free app, and the Couch25K program will work too.

All this does, is gradually, at the speed of weeks, add a few more minutes to your workout.

While eliminating rest periods, if any.

If are worried that you are slowing down, not speeding up, or not going fast enough.

Use an app to tap out the beats per minute of your songs, and arrange your songs in such a way that they go faster and faster.

You may jog to a song, you may lift to a song.

And if you run out of songs at the right BPM, use a free and open source program like Audacity to change the song’s tempo.

You may also have sone luck, playing long music videos such as DJ sets, sped up by 15 or even 25 percent.

If you are a nerd you can use the ffmpeg atempo filter, to process your files on the command line.

In a world endurance is a multiplier, that helps your body hear you and adapt faster.

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