Are Schools Working?
Are Schools Working?

Thursday • November 9th 2023 • 10:23:42 pm

Are Schools Working?

Thursday • November 9th 2023 • 10:23:42 pm

We are born into a world that has schools, and we assume they are really good for us.

But, they are not quite there yet, they are only slightly better, than not having any education at all.

To be proper, and not seem crazy, people say that schools stifle creativity.

One brilliant person says, they kill creativity.

But the truth is, standardized education prevents creativity.

And that is not even considering, tolerance of bullies and drugs that lift the GPA.

Historically schools are supposed to promote, uniformity, discipline, and skills for industrial economy.

That was already bad enough, creating workers is not about education but indoctrination.

Things got worse, when schools got bigger, mass education meant stream-lining the already broken idea.

Then things got even worse, early, I dare say, uneducated, Psychologists, evaluated outcomes.

A human being is an ecosystem of dreams and ideas, to say the least, that requires great health, merely looking at outcomes, is idiotic.

To make education more efficient and easier to evaluate, schools were further broken by the needs of politicians.

Standardized testing, of already broken standardized education, is a laughable idea, much like a child's fantasy.

That industries can influence what is being taught, makes things even worse.

The wrong programming languages are being taught, even the wrong Operating System is used.

And for the purpose of making a life-long customer, this is incredibly unethical further causing great harm.

And as the world became more connected, even the dumb idea of standardized testing got warped.

You see Standardized Education is a system of errors, of misunderstandings, of moving a lot of money.

That has no consideration for an individual, for the very thing that it was meant to teach - it considers the masses.

In the process preventing individual growth, preventing the growing up of a person.

You may remember from school how everything, often seemed disconnected, and jumping.

That also means grades consider little parts, of random bits, they don't measure knowledge at all.

We are all unique, even twins have unique interests, schools and grades ignore individual interests and strengths.

They push the students, towards the same broken goal in a broken system, pass the finals.

This is a broken fantasy of education, on top of almost countless layers of broken and incomplete ideas.

Competition, will further devastate uniqueness, pushing students away form who they are.

The overall structure of this system of mistakes, will cause impenetrable networks of broken ideas.

That, can only paint false pictures, and cause stress, and self doubt - actual mental health problems.

The incompetence and noise of it all, will actually prevent development of real skills and push people to lie and pretend.

Just look how well it is established that everyone, lies of exaggerates their resume.

And how companies looking for real talent, need multiple interviews, whiteboards, and even trickery.

How in other companies, a manager may utter the following with a straight face, "Forget everything you learned in college."

Where we all untimely search for meaning and legacy, schools push us away from that, directing us to some mass funnel.

We need to listen or read at lest thousands of non-fiction books, both to inherit wisdom and the culture of great human beings.

Some of us only read a few, or less, and those titles have no wisdom, and often just show the worst of humanity.

It is a rare book that shows Human Greatness, the unique flourishing of an individual.

Education can't be standardized, and today's standardized education is more like a fungus.

Real education - inheritance of wisdom from precious non-fiction, written by great and clear thinking beings - is not optional.

We all need those thousands of books, if you hurry, which you shouldn't.

And if you are extremely lucky, listening to almost one thousand books, will only take you three years.

You need this, you need to hear hundreds of great beings, present their most valuable ideas, while they reveal their culture to you.

You are an extraordinary being, and we are each unbelievably intelligent, you deserve to begin your life at the highest of intellectual heights ever reached.

All the heights reached by the greatest of our thinkers, beginning a new path where they left off.

Real education is what actually makes us, who we are meant to become.

Begin your self education, as soon as you can.

Go to the library, and begin listening to all the non-fiction written by clear thinkers.

Perhaps, begin by listening to the great adventure books, of people exploring, hiking, sailing, and sharing their most beautiful thoughts.