Thinking Creatures
Thinking Creatures

Monday • July 24th 2023 • 11:00:45 pm

Thinking Creatures

Monday • July 24th 2023 • 11:00:45 pm

Reality can be either, something, or nothing.

And if it was nothing, there would be nothing to ask this question.

Nothing, is hard, it maybe impossible.

It certainly is, unimaginable.

Across your entire existence you emits, infrared radiation.

Some of it pierces the sky, and once it gets out there it travels forever.

People who are long gone, will carry on making their impression on the universe.

I repeat, a reality or a universe of nothing, is impossible.

And even if you had nothing, subatomic particles do not obey rules of time.

If you have nothing, for long enough…

Something, must emerge.

We live in a particle soup, and it will be particles all the way down.

And back and forth in time, as if a clock meant nothing.

Space, is a really good name, for what surrounds us.

Because it probably, goes on forever.

This something, that we live in, is running an infinite number of experiments.

Down from the very depths of the subatomic world, all the way to super clusters of stars and beyond.

Both as a function of shifting constants, and its size and flexibility.

And in some places, likely very far apart.

Too far apart to cross, in any meaningful way.

Dust will fuse into to stars, and whatever dirt remains will form a planet.

There are so many of them, that eventually…

One planet, right upon its creation, will immediate burp up a little creature.

It won’t be life yet, but it won’t be just more dust.

There are so many, of these burps happening throughout the infinity.

That one little thing somewhere, will be shoved into a process of evolution.

The process of evolution is as simple, as igniting a star, it just happens.

And with that little something being guided by evolution, life and consciousness will emerge.

Not everywhere, but there is so much space, so many experiments.

There is a moment, where evolution brighten up a mind.

And the creature, begins to think, to plan, to prepare.

They will continue evolving, and those who survive by their wits.

Will eventually, form a tribe.

They will huddle up, protect each other.

And this, is where Humanity begun.

You are the distant descendant, of powerful survivors and warriors.

Who eventually begun building cities, and got stung by a wrinkle in our evolution.

Before we were fully conscious, we survived by listening to our elders.

And this trait remains with us today, we blindly believe, protect, are are willing to die for.

Whatever it is, that we are born into.

To repair this, we invented books.

Those who wanted larger cities and more power, invented their books too.

You are a thing, of the universe of something.

The exact process that got you here can be estimated, but never really known in full.

Science can only measure what is available, but so much has faded away in time…

But you are you, and no one is like you.

You are so complex in your mind, that you will only happen once.

The fingers on your hands, show the number of decades you have.

They remind you to be healthy, and live your live cautiously and wisely.

Each decade, is infinitely precious,

Be of good cheer, but also please make sure, that the older you will love it all as well.

Just like the ball of dirt, burped up a thing that needed evolution.

Your body emerged a brain, consciousness, a mind, that now requires another process.

From a very crude perspective, though easy to explain to people with computers.

Your mind is a computer, that requires an operating system.

And the operating system requires upgrades, to make it efficient and secure against attackers.

Just as critical as the coalescing of a sun, of the evolution of a thing of dust.

Is your inheritance of the best of wisdom, that was left behind by the previous generations.

Your attackers will hope to use indoctrination, to feed off of you.

And you need the wisdom, to rise above them.

Your love of wisdom, begins with education.

But it does not end, at merely leading a beautiful existence.

You have to create the books, for the next generations.

Bring in as much of what you held dear, and add the wisdom you synthesized on your own.

You are not to just learn from others, but to grow up, and, all the way up.

And become a great beings, just like your teachers.

In a way you are connection, that will help humanity.

In its endless march, forward, towards more wisdom, and more greatness.

But what you must understand, is that you are an independent consciousness.

Once you inherit all the knowledge you need, where you go and what you do is yours to decide.

You are not a tool, you are not a stepping stone, you are an irreplaceable miracle of the universe.

And whatever it is that you do, can only make the universe even more beautiful.