Computer Programming Expands Your World
Computer Programming Expands Your World

Wednesday • February 21st 2024 • 12:06:03 am

Computer Programming Expands Your World

Wednesday • February 21st 2024 • 12:06:03 am

Computer programming, is very simple to learn.

It is a tool for human being, made by human beings.

But it only starts as a language, with which you control computers.

When you get used to, thinking with it.

It becomes an painters brush, with which you paint your inventions.

The world of computers, does not call for factories of warehouses.

You don't need assembly lines, or expensive machines.

And you don't nee upfront investment, you create everything in an infinite space.

Whatever tools you do need, you just program into existence.

It is a terrible tragedy, that so many people don't know programming.

A critical mode of expression, has been denied to them.

It is like growing up, without learning to read or write.

There are just so many more things, that we can do as programmers.

So many more dreams, that we can turn into reality.

Programming is also a way to learn, math, biology, chemistry, physics...

All these subject become more accessible, and more meaningful.

When taught through programming, where things can be simulated.

Programming a virtual organism, or a game engine, or even parts to CNC.

Makes complex and distant concepts, more immediate and easy to grasp.

Programming is a whole new world, where there are a lot less barriers and restrictions.

Here, imagination has no limits, we can create whatever we dream up.

One interesting start, is to re-create old arcade games.

Another is to create interactive generative art, or intricate screensavers with creatures.

I recommend learning programming with p5.js, a cute little sliver of the large world of programming.

Where you can jump right into JavaScript, and graphics programming.

Node-RED is another good start, that gently eases you into writing little programs.

As a programmer your extend you creative ability, to encompass an infinite world of possibilities.

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