Whale Fall; Or, The Betrayal Of Standardized Education
Whale Fall; Or, The Betrayal Of Standardized Education

Tuesday • July 11th 2023 • 11:30:43 pm

Whale Fall; Or, The Betrayal Of Standardized Education

Tuesday • July 11th 2023 • 11:30:43 pm

For teachers, every week is a stick, and every paycheck, a carrot - all to sweet.

Teachers are the A+ students, once full of energy and dreams, smart and lovely.

But now betrayed, by the very education they excelled at.

While the all negativity is deserved, not all teachers intend to betray you.

Long ago, before they stopped asking themselves if what they do is right, some hope to make a beautiful difference.

Today, they don’t really have any choice, they are scared you become unruly, they are scared to be seen as ineffective by their peers.

And of course they are scared to be transferred, or put on suspension, or fired.

Some in the end may help a student in hope of some kind of forgiveness, but again, they will be labeled as eccentric…

And the students will be too inexperienced, to understand that as an insult.

Standardized Education, or any kind of betrayal, is a one way road, that only induces more and more fractures.

It can only lead to becoming sour, crazy, and wishing for nothing more than retirement.

For one, you are way second, to the paychecks, and state funding.

And mind you it is not just the teachers, your High School is a meat processing plant, it is whale fall.

It feeds everyone from the creepy security guards, and anonymous lawn mowers, to cooks, assistants, teachers, office workers, principals, and even politicians.

Finally. here is the whopper, the ultimate truth, you can’t learn what you don’t care about.

You won’t learn it, you will only memorize it, and you will become disguised with it.

Hate Math? English? Books? Programming? Art, Music? hate it all? - that is the real betrayal.

It is not just that standardized education can’t work, but it makes you turn away from knowledge.

This is by far the greatest hope and dream of the big liars, creepy religious cults, which is to say all of them…

And every evil dictator, quack, conspiracy theorist, and competent medium, or astrologer.

And schools do it just like that, they make you hate it.

To add insult to injury, you were never learning to begin with.

Knowledge cannot be standardized into a curriculum, or the chapters of a text book.

Knowledge is composed of very thin layers of realizations or discoveries, that must perfectly match your existing lattice of knowledge.

The collection of all the existing layers you have thus far fused, into a sum greater than its parts.

To assemble your knowledge in a way that creates wisdom, you need free narrated books from the library, and adventure.

The adventure will, eventually, push stress away, so that the books will start calling to you.

You can only read or listen, when you are filled with joy.

You can’t learn without peace of mind, without serenity or under threat of low GAP, you drop into warrior mode.

And Books will not call to you here, and teachers will slowly convince you that your GPA defines you.

Even though they have copied the grades from other classes, even though principals often dictate what grades you should get.

Some day, you or someone like you will push for a change, from standardized education to self directed education.

From a fraudulent GPA and diploma, and the paycheck mills that schools became, to students being paid for learning, as it is an investment in the future of our kind.

Until then, to grow, you have to listen to the top 10,000+ narrated books, and layer by layer assemble them into knowledge, wisdom, and greatness.