Bodybuilding Confusion: Don’t Lift Heavy, Lift A Lot, And Sets And Reps Are Sus
Bodybuilding Confusion: Don’t Lift Heavy, Lift A Lot, And Sets And Reps Are Sus

Friday • April 5th 2024 • 11:54:59 pm

Bodybuilding Confusion: Don’t Lift Heavy, Lift A Lot, And Sets And Reps Are Sus

Friday • April 5th 2024 • 11:54:59 pm

There are two kinds of heavy, the heavy you can lift non-stop for an hour or two.

And the heavy, that you can lift only ten or thirty times.

If I had to make an interesting guess, I’d say Sets and Reps were invented by gym owners to get people out.

Because a real workout, demands, that you do not put the dumbbells down.

And it is always the 5, 10, 15 pound dumbbells, and never heavier.

So it maybe just easier to tell people to do 30 lifts, and move to another spot.

If that was true, you’d think, it would be better to tell everyone the truth.

And turn the gym, into a bodybuilder factory.

The sign-ups would go through the roof, and scare the heck out of the fire Marshall.

But, this time requirement, or one, two, or maybe three hours, for large people.

It asks a lot, of an otherwise busy person, not to mention that it is exhausting.

The correct instruction, may even go as far…

As asking the members, to quit their job for a few months.

Even our imaginary gym myth creator, would know that people wouldn't do it.

Members will pay for an impression of fitness, but will be unwilling the greater price for the real thing.

Business being business, imaginary or not a gym would end up selling, what sells to stay in business.

Now a to lifting heavy, it leads to injury, and downtime, and a real workout is five to seven days a week.

Whether you actually don’t show up for a gym, or work out, broken, it is equally as bad in context of bodybuilding.

And lifting heavy doesn’t injure you once, it will injure you into never showing up for gym.

Injury is all the argument you need against lifting heavy, but just think about injuring your back, or tearing a muscle.

If a rational argument is not enough, here is the doze, lifting heavy does not actually build muscle.

Lifting whatever, and hanging around weights, changing them, moving them, will build muscle.

And frequently trying to lift something, whatever, will grow muscle, but it will take many years.

As that is the slowest way there is, not only will it injure you, but it is also the slowest way to build muscle.

Now as to the correct way, the fast and easy.

Any jogger will tell you, that they grew muscles from jogging.

But as you can imagine, their muscles didn’t keep growing.

And that is, of course, because they don't continue challenging those muscles with weight.

Joggers may run faster, but most are not going to put on a weight west and grab onto dumbbells.

Then come home and eat a cow or two, so that the body is not getting starved.

Our imaginary jogger, will first work on the endurance to jog for an hour with three pound dumbbells.

That almost feel like nothing, but muscles across the entire body will begin adapting to the new mechanics.

They will have a much easier time, to start jogging with five pounds.

They may not even need to stop, during their jog, because the three pound weights would prepare them.

By the time they start jogging with, eight or ten pounds, they will look huge.

It is a rare gym that will let you jog with dumbbells, because your hands need to be free if you trip on a treadmill.

Jogging with dumbbells outside of the gym, actually demands, that the plates on your dumbbell.

Are higher than your knuckles, so that as you fall you ram the dumbbells into the ground without letting go.

And the plates, protect your hand.

You also need rubber coated dumbbells, as the salts in your sweat will rust metal.

But there is something even better, than jogging.

Jogging asks that you stabilize you body, back, and hit the ground in the same way over and over.

Exercise should be better than this, you need to twist and turn, not stabilize.

The thing that is better than jogging with dumbbells, is shuffle dancing with dumbbells.

Dancing is far superior in terms of stretching, and engaging muscles throughout the body.

Like joggers, at first, you may need to stop every once in a while, but, like joggers, you must aim to close that gap and run non stop.

First for 15 minutes, then 30, 45, one hours, and if you are large add one or two more hours.

Dance trance, where you aim to hit every beat of your songs, and interval timers that tell you when to start and stop help a lot.

But you know what the most helpful thing is, jogging, and then jogging with light dumbbells.

And then you go to the gym, where you can replace non-stop jogging with dumbbells…

With dancing with dumbbells, in a safer environment than the street.

You should never let weather, ruin your workout, so gyms are really good for that.

Then you just keep moving up the dumbbells, where your entire body builds muscle in correct sequence, to support natural movement.

At 15 lb for two to three hours per day, you see results weekly.

Dancing with 15 pounds for three hours, non stop, every day, is probably as far as you will want to go.

Both because your muscles are going to be huge, and because 15 pounds per hand, is 30 pounds after all.

And you want to avoid, injury.

Presumably, some may feel, that once you put 30 pounds on your spine.

You need to start using the machines, where you can isolate muscles.

Protect your back, while still lifting 30 plus pounds.

But the value of dancing, twisting turning, is so huge, that you wont' ever want to sit or lay at the gym.

You need that movement, to feel forever young and healthy.

Dancing with dumbbells, give you more than just big muscle, it brings you health and joy.

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