Don't Obey
Don't Obey

Sunday • January 7th 2024 • 8:53:50 pm

Don't Obey

Sunday • January 7th 2024 • 8:53:50 pm

There is a direction that we must all grow towards, and it is up, as in growing up.

We get there by learning, from books, from each other, from experience…

From adventures, explorations, rebellious creativity, and unrestrained vision.

We learn from tragedies, and great challenges.

This learning, injects us with knowledge.

One day we feel weak, and the next…

The wisdom of great beings, drives us, that is what really moves us.

Knowledge transforms within us, it integrates with who we are.

And we integrate, with it.

Inherited wisdom, from books and other great beings.

Puts our minds, in the culture of greatness.

And from here, we see that greatness is all there ever was.

Only in greatness, can we set off to search and find meaning.

Only in greatness will we dare, to change or repaint the world.

Greatness is the most human thing, it is the healthiest thing.

It is where all of you comes together, and begins becoming even more.

But you standing up, to religious indoctrination,

To ineffective education, rejecting being born to poverty.

Rejecting, all form of control, from grades, bullies, GPA, diploma…

To TPS reports, whatever the fak that is.

Is the one great way, to greatly inconvenience all the adults.

And though you assume, everyone wants good.

To the positive benefit of all, you are wrong.

It will take years for you to see it, fathers their brilliant kids out of the gym.

Not because they can’t do it, but because they want them to earn a paycheck sooner.

The teenage boy be damned, let him try again, when his life crumbles.

Under the toxicity, of a life that wasn’t his own.

And parents manipulating and lying, is the mildest example there is.

Then come the dipsomaniac uncles, with weed, with alcohol “because you old enough”

Your teachers are making you perform as if in a circus, if they cared any less, they would implode.

Then the $%$%$% recruiter at the mall, that long ago has sold him self, and will sell you too. The politicians are keeping you poor on purpose, it is the only way they know to make money.

And then the irrational of, mandatory draft, of war, of holding up lines where millions just die.

And the nuclear war, and mutually assured destruction.

And that dumb $#$# question, as the cherry on top: “How were we supposed to know?”

Find your triple crown, earn it, every bit of it.

And celebrate life, with unmatched beauty, and unimaginable triumph.

Don’t just walk with gods, go all the way.

And make no mistake, a healthy mind; Does. Not. Do. Obedience.

A healthy mind; requires growing up in wisdom…

And the resulting greatness; and that’s – only for a fair start in life.

I repeat, you are meant, to become a great being.

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