Superpowers Are Real
Superpowers Are Real

Saturday • October 15th 2022 • 5:03:40 pm

Superpowers Are Real

Saturday • October 15th 2022 • 5:03:40 pm

When taking your first steps into Philo Sophia, or love of wisdom.

You discover a strange reversal, where the great thinkers abandon Gods and Kings.

They begin rising on their own, often from very dark places in Human History.

Once we begin inheriting wisdom from books, we stop looking outside of ourselves for miracles.

And begin expanding ourselves inside out, wit things that can only be described as superpowers.

Young people, especially those wronged, have a predisposition for rapidly inheriting lifetimes of wisdom from books.

Young people who are still growing, have a tendency to ask, “Who would I need to be to write like that” – and that makes a world of difference.

All philosophers care for, is correctly transporting their hard won wisdom, well into the future, and into as many lives as possible.

Philosophers, contemplatives, intellectuals, the wise, the immortal, just want to make friends across time.

And young people by asking “Who would I need to be, to speak like that”, resurrect the spirits and minds of philosophers stored in their books.

And superpowers are just the first step, what can be simpler than listening to books.

The hard part is having the courage, to live up to the lessons we hold dear.

To retain the friendships we make across time, with all of Humanity’s Great beings.

Finally, superpowers matter, the future will drag its feet without us having them.

A better future can only be achieved, by shifting our cultures, towards inheritance of wisdom from non-fiction and adventure books.

From lives that were spent well, from adventures that transcend time.

Books that help to kindle that inner-force, that grants us all that un-breakability, and joy, and wisdom.

We have to start reminding the little ones that to grow up, means to grow all the way up, until they become great beings.

And we have to ask them to guard nature, future, word peace, and world wisdom, and authenticity…

...and gentle dedes, that make for gentlewomen and gentlemen, who are ennobled by a lifetime of goodness.

Superpowers are as old as Humanity, they are inherited from stories of lives lived beautifully and wisely.

It takes many books to discover all the precious ones, that change the life ahead of us for better.

Get to your library where wisdom is free, begin listening to well narrated bbooks; as soon as you can,

Superpowers are real, and they are your right, and your greatness, and your might.