Wisdom Demands Adventure
Wisdom Demands Adventure

Friday • December 1st 2023 • 11:19:48 pm

Wisdom Demands Adventure

Friday • December 1st 2023 • 11:19:48 pm

There is a number of ways that we can be pushed, to become other than we really are inside our minds.

And become content with not growing up, never leaving much of ourselves behind, which is always very sad.

I think the generation that will repair education has already been born, they are already here, watching all the strange mistakes.

And coming up with ways to go around, and build the future out of good ideas only, leaving the rest to history as a warning.

I really believe, that only a small part of the world need to make progress, and just as soon as that progress is made, everyone else catches up.

It is like the school yard, where there is a new fashion trend, or gadget, everyone somehow rises, even if some don’t much care for it.

We have to learn to talk about growing up, so that we can avoid mistakes that were had before.

So that we make all the aches and pains, count for more.

Alcohol and Drugs that force comfort by mechanical means, is one obvious thing that derails us.

Apologists, or moderates, will say things like “non-addictive”, or “always in moderation”, or it is “just an herb”.

But, bur brains are not designed by engineers, we don’t have proper tolerances to mess with them.

Brains are miracles of evolution, they barely work as is, and no scientist knows how.

Discomfort is an important signal, that we must never ignore.

Turning discomfort off, prevents a person from growing, and moving in the right directions.

We have to perceive, grow, and courageously address our problems, not just turn them off, as that just magnifies trouble for later.

Indoctrination is another way that we get pushed aside, where our elder selves end up with regret or sadness of what might have been.

Apologists and moderates here will say that is is heritage, that it is valuable and nuanced – something outsiders don’t’ understand.

But that is false, the correct way to grow, is as a creature of the universe, curious about its mechanics and mysteries.

Indoctrination prevents inquiry at any length, as it provides all the answerers.

With the heartbreaking finale off, serve now and enjoy benefits after life ends.

But we have to face discomforts, fantasy like drugs, only pushes things back.

The reward was always during the person’s life, where they could grow as a great being, artist, poet, iconoclast, bull rider.

The main fear that indoctrination snags us on, is the fear of dying.

But the emergence of the first wisps of Artificial Intelligence, may mean AI will help to extend life.

To believe in science, that can extend life, perhaps indefinitely, is a nicer promise than servitude, and reward after it’s all over.

And anyway, the children can hell adults use medicine, which is the invention of scientists, who didn’t care for fantasy but fact.

And they can tell, having been born to a different family, would result in different beliefs.

The discomfort of uncertainty, has forever inspired the best of us to repair, invent, rethink.

The discomfort is a signal, that we need, even the deepest pain of hardest loss, is a call to books.

To meet the others, who rose, even if just to protect the memories, for long enough.

To learn to write beautifully enough, to share them correctly with the word.

To hand the books out, book by book, with a smile, and gratitude for soon to be heard.

To live and be truly happy that it happened, not be sad that it ended, because that is absolutely the wrong symbol.

Adventure is many things, including the initial discomfort, but it is primary for creating room for narrated books.

The greatest works written by wise and clear thinking authors, especially those celebrated by intellectuals…

Combine to create our intellectual inheritance, presenting all the authentic heights that great beings have rose to.

The authors of the hundreds of books we end up enjoying, quickly become our support, our “book friends”

They will have traveled long distances, in all challenges of life.

Including tragedy and loss, dealing with false beliefs, and even angry bears, and not just running away from them, but at them.

And yes, our most beautiful books, absolutely make us smile, no matter the trouble, they help us up and out.

If you read enough of them, you’ll preserve the angle of your ascent, and keep growing.

Growing until you grow all the way up, become a great being, and add to our intellectual inheritance.

So that those who come after us, don’t have to start from the bottom, but at the sunny and cheerful heights we reach.