Turning Generative Art Into A Super Tiny Little Business
Turning Generative Art Into A Super Tiny Little Business

Monday • October 30th 2023 • 10:29:23 pm

Turning Generative Art Into A Super Tiny Little Business

Monday • October 30th 2023 • 10:29:23 pm

Generative art is a new technology, that converts text to graphics.

It has a million quirks, it is slow, inconsistent, unpredictable.

It either requires a monthly subscription, or an expensive gaming computer.

The month subscription not cover a month of images. you get three days of credits, and still need to pay for more.

Its art is said to be not-copyrightable, because it is generated by a machine.

And artists files lawsuits, because their art was used to train the machine, without permission.

Everything here is chaos, a quirk, you get what you can get, and what you can get away with.

But the images these programs generate, can be made to be amazing.

More than that, you can generate thousands, of interesting works of art, in a singe day.

And they will be better, than what artists can make.

Most importantly, you control the theme, the content of the art.

And here we will begin, with the tiny business.

Every office in the city you live, has a theme, and some outdated paintings.

Figure out what that theme is, and without asking permission.

Drop off a well framed painting, and a catalouge that matches their theme.

Bodybuilders, Robots, Dogs, DaVinci, Medical, Baked Goods, whatever.

Let them keep the painting, let them think about updating their wall art.

This is a very simple idea, but keep in mind…

The images you generate, are fascinating, they are perfect.

They will do the talking, if there is a sale to be made, you will make it.

Now, let us imagine a dog themed, business office.

You will need to generate, something that is classy funny, serious and interesting.

You will need to upscale your images, upscalers now come with the leading text-to-art AI.

When you figure out the right size, you will need to print them out on textured canvas paper.

First you use an online service, and then you buy a used printer that can handle canvas paper.

You will need to learn how to build frames, you will need a saw, a miter-box…

And pre-shaped wood used for trims, that you can re-purposed for frame making.

You will need to treat the lumber, to paint in an antique fashion, and to make the assembly last.

Keep your paintings square and same size, this way you can have some frame designs on stand by.

Exhibit your art, and make it affordable.

Don’t hide the fact, that it is generated by a machine.

Be proud, that you can deliver custom collections, in a short stretch of time.

Finally, please know, that generative AI programs.

Can help you build the text prompt, that caused the art to emerge.

It is usually called a “describe” feature, where you give it a photo you like.

And the machine will tell you what it sees, and you can mix and match that text, to create unique art.

You may also find a “shorten” command, which may make your prompt more creative, and portable.

You could build on other artist’s prompts, but you should make something unique, as that is the seed for your product.

You may sell it along with your paintings, which along with the frame, would make a strong unique product.

Begin by going to a museum, or a book store that has an art section.

And find a classy artist, someone from Renascence era, that won’t get mad at you for using their style.

Alternatively, mix multiple artists, to create a new style, and take it from there.

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