Body, Mind, And Humankind
Body, Mind, And Humankind

Saturday • September 23rd 2023 • 11:13:16 pm

Body, Mind, And Humankind

Saturday • September 23rd 2023 • 11:13:16 pm

Unlike fake education, that cannot help but to drift towards more abstraction, and thus become ever more ineffective.

Real things are always intricately stitched together, they don't just influence one another, but provide critical support to each other.

In this text you will learn, that it is not possible for you to have a fit body, without also having a fit mind.

Nor will ti be possible for you to merely exists in some state of fitness, but you will face great challenges, that will test both your greatness and legacy.

By now you have figured out that you job is killing you, and not a single creature is stirring.

It all begun in school, the subjects when combined together, do not actually constitute an education.

They constitute a way to make money off of unsuspecting people, as a result, you will learn nothing, and life will be a constant uphill battle.

No real education, means constant desperation.

Very few people do well after graduation, while not everyone becomes large…

It is rare creature in deed, that does not get messed up by something.

And this is where fitness begins, not with jogging, or walking, but getting a real f@cking education.

You can’t finish your recovery, or heal your wounds, without your intellectual inheritance.

All the works of all the clear thinking great beings, whispered into your ears, by means of narrated books.

Oh yes, you won’t understand a damn thing in the state of mind, that you are in now… but fixing that is easy.

Depending on your size large, medium or healthy, you will need to walk one, two or three of the great American trails.

If you are healthy, take the Appalachian Trail, and listen to your books carefully.

If you are medium sized, so will be your adventure, you will need to train to walk 20 miles a day at home.

And then walk the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, it is a beautiful challenge, supremely enabling for healthy people as well.

And if you are large, you will train and begin section hiking, all three trails, including the Continental Divide.

Take it easy, love yourself, hike the most beautiful parts first, your body will heal at its own rate…

And it will absolutely demand, serenity, beauty, and wisest of books.

Overachieving, Overwork ,and Overeating, will rob you of OVER 30 years of your life.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there are no obese elderly.

And there are no health professionals, or real teachers, that will disagree with the following statement:

“Your feet, are made for walking, and your ears are made for hearing.”

This is a loving, forgiving, and beautiful, first step to your recovery, from diving head first into an unexamined life.

No one is wise enough to tell you what must come second, as you know your body best, you will know your limits best.

And only you can select the best workout sequence for yourself, you don’t need a trainer, you just need to inherit wisdom from books.

We can make some guesses, ahead of time, though.

If you are large, I have awesome news for you, even better if you suffered childhood obesity or neglect.

Under all that fat, is a bodybuilder - don’t laugh, whether you are a woman or a man – you are ridiculously muscular.

Be sure to consume protein on the trail, in hopes of preserving those muscles.

You may wish to consider putting on a weight vest, at some point – once you lose the unhealthiest of your weight.

And you must protect the hard earned endurance, that you gain when walking the trails.

You will need more than jogging, you will need to jog or dance with dumbbells.

The next big challenge after using up your fat reserves, and protecting muscles, is getting flexible.

Dancing with dumbbells, maybe water resistance training, and certainly continuing to hike is in your cards.

Which brings us to the latter part of your life, this is the part that is after your original death.

The part that you created for yourself, the part, where you serve no one.

You didn’t just fall a victim to an indoctrination into a crappy lifestyle, that treated you as a resource to be mined.

There is actually no mastermind, no conspiracy, to project mayhem, it is just the raw uneducated human nature that is leading us to a nuclear war.

And you maybe able to guess already, there will be no mastermind, no master plan, just natural confabulation of uneducated liars.

That will lead the false leaders right at the beginning of war to say little more than: “We launched the nuclear missiles, because that is what you do with them”.

And then at the end of war, utter, whist weeping at the result of their actions, “How were we supposed to know?”

As I write this text the nuclear testing has stepped up today, and you are nowhere ready to accept the responsibility for preventing that war.

See, there is no such thing as fitness of body, without fitness of mind…

Either you rise to become a great being, or die a resource stripped to maximum.

War as you can imagine, is fueled nor by weapons, but by young people.

If this is the big one, and you can’t stop it, then tens of millions of young people will perish in battle.

And countless many, in by that time, what once were the largest cities.

War is not prevented by getting yourself arrested during the protests, those people are sent into the battle close second.

The early successes of a war, destroy those who gave their lives against it.

War is prevented, by repairing schools, the first thing that was made for you, and turned against you, to turn a profit.

The way you studied your books of the initial trails, when you were young, when you first begun.

Is the only safe way, that students can actually learn.

They have to be on the train, in the context, to develop a need for what is in the great books.

No one who will hear what the clear thinking great beings have to say, will allow humanity to drift towards war.

After you pass, a new century will begin, it will be as different a 1900s were from 2000s.

But 2100 hundreds will be as desperate to arrest repetition of mistakes, as we should be today, given that major superpowers are rebooting their test programs.

You have been failed by teachers, into repeating mistakes as, the aimlessly drifting humanity hopes to strip-mine you for whatever there is.

Donations, overpriced textbooks, college loans, university loans, or even tolerance of toxic materials, forever chemicals in your food, whatever you got.

And the driving force is little more than confabulation, of false leaders who aim to protect their positions of power.

To us mandatory draft into a nuclear war, is horror, as we watch the younger generation fade.

To a false leader, it is yet another fine piece of evidence; that they are an authentic wartime president – to them it is good luck.

It is not possible for you to just repair your body, you must also repair your mind, and grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

There is no more time, for you to go to work, ordinary days are over, there are none left for you.

In the absence of teachers, you have to learn to teach.

You can’t just grant yourself another 30 to 50 years, just to watch humanity meander towards predictable ends.

You can’t just change yourself, you have to change the world.