What Would A Kitty Ask, If It Could Handle Such A Task
What Would A Kitty Ask, If It Could Handle Such A Task

Sunday • February 4th 2024 • 1:38:17 pm

What Would A Kitty Ask, If It Could Handle Such A Task

Sunday • February 4th 2024 • 1:38:17 pm

Surely she would first ask about life, "Why must it be filled wit strife?"

But then she'd would get a bit more philosophical, and ask "why are hoomans walking tall?"

Few simple clarification, at first, would swiftly have her unimpressed.

Then she'd get the culture part, and ask, "Do hoomans know, living is an art?"

A kitten would surely keep going up, and ask if "All humans are growing up?""

"Is the human culture do unkind, that some are left behind?""

And then ask about politics, if it is full of ticks.

And religions, and whether people also believe they are pigeons.

And can she use AI to make religion for us to follow, or will we not allow.

Unbound by manners or number of a$$ kissing likes, she'd fire off more questions causing even more yikes!

Why tolerate fake education, when it can clearly tear down a nation?

Why do we allow other nations, to skew their peoples with indoctrinations?

Why do humans wait, to go there with wars, and not first build schools that open doors?

Is being made poor on purpose a game, and if so does it also have an equally stupid name?

And she'd keep going, as all cats care to be all knowing.

Frankly, no kittens cares to stop, unlike humans they'll aim straight for the top.

The hooman will legalize drugs, and pretend it is not corrupting the young into thugs.

But a kitten, will roar for greatness and glory, to leave a magnificent legacy and glorious story.

She'd have us figured out in a lickedy split, and slowly and deliberately, and with wit utter the word: "hypocrite"

And then with all her heart... and you are not going to believe this part.

Like any cat of her type, she'd raise her hand and take a swipe.

And then she'd yell with an angry voice, that we are just not very nice.

Before storming off in her own direction, shes pause in great reflection...

And say unto us, do not be an a$$.

Learn to grow all the way up, and cease existing like an obnoxious pup.

Each human must practice seeing, and use wisdom to become a great beings.

Either you rise, and clam greatness as your prize.

Or fall, to never again walk so tall.

And she'd strut off, like only a cat can, for by now's she's be tired ... of hooman.

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