That Little Trail
That Little Trail

Sunday • July 5th 2020 • 10:24:23 pm

That Little Trail

Sunday • July 5th 2020 • 10:24:23 pm

One late afternoon I hopped on my bicycle to ride the trail,

and returned with an interesting tale.

For right where 275 and Michigan meet,

I found a little bicycle path that's really neat.

It is a huge park that branches out to two more little parks,

though they are behind peoples houses and pack a lot of dog barks.

All combined together they make a sweet little quest,

but make sure to bring plenty of water and rest.

The main path has little river bridges and lots of really neat sights,

but be really careful about ticks and mosquitoes bites.

And that northern stretch under the power line, is a sight to see,

it is just a barren bumpy grassland without a single tree.

If you keep going north on Haggerty you'll reach Ford,

and then you can bicycle back to 275 and get back on board.

But I think the woodland trail is the best because there is a lot of shade,

I imagine that's why it was made.