Find The Real Philosophers
Find The Real Philosophers

Thursday • November 30th 2023 • 11:05:17 pm

Find The Real Philosophers

Thursday • November 30th 2023 • 11:05:17 pm

Just imagine you are freshly arrived on Earth, and go find the Greatest Beings.

The first thing you are going to discover, is that people are going to disagree who the great beings are.

That does not mean you should settle, or find a compromise.

It means look harder, it means seek better directions.

People are raised with false beliefs, to reinforce bonds to some group.

Often for no good reason, often just to belong.

Warping a mind is a terrible crime, and one of humanity's darkest ideas.

This causes disagreement, division, distrust and hate.

Humanity is just part of the cosmos, we are creatures of the stars.

We ought to grow together, to converge on peace and wisdom.

So finding who the wisest people are, is hard.

And philosophers, will try hide from you, Socrates, always said he knew nothing.

Both as a joke, and to avoid false beliefs.

But you can be sire that the wise, are celebrated by the wise.

Once you find one of them, you'll find the network of Philosophers.

Each a timeless creature, put in charge of a new height.

Each rising progressively higher, and each thinking more clearly.

They are lighting the way, for all of humanity, whatever height, to follow.

Most philosophers specialize, so they won't call themselves philosophers.

My favorites are troublemakers, adventurers and teachers.

They are without a question, the true leaders of the world.

But they may not be bothered with elections, they are to live their own happy lives.

And we are to listen, to learn, to right to their heights.

To watch over whatever threats end to soon, and if we have it in us, pick them up, for a time.

Someday, indoctrination will end, but until then, find a library...

And find out, who the real great beings are,

Who all the world's clear thinking intellectuals, are grateful for the most.

Take to safe and quiet little adventures, and bring your books, narrated, or on paper.

Inherit your wisdom, so that you are neither mislead.

Nor forced to build from the bottom, but resume at one of the heights a philosopher left behind.

And then just grow, all the way up, so that you too become a great being.

And make room for others to start, where you leave off.