To Transform Your Body, Use An Interval Timer, And Slowly Speed Up Your Songs
To Transform Your Body, Use An Interval Timer, And Slowly Speed Up Your Songs

Sunday • August 20th 2023 • 10:49:44 pm

To Transform Your Body, Use An Interval Timer, And Slowly Speed Up Your Songs

Sunday • August 20th 2023 • 10:49:44 pm

Powerful and sustained motion, is the central component of a transformative workout.

There is nothing to be found, in sitting around.

Lifting something heavy for a minute or two, during a 45 minute stay a the gym is not a workout, the same way that a salad with some bits of chicken, is not a chicken.

It is the middleagers, who need to be mimicking the teenagers - not the other way around.

That old guy does three sets of ten lifts, because that is all the life he has left in him.

He didn't develop a precision muscle positioning technique, that when followed precisely, will explode your guns.

A young person, can do so much better.

And go about it, in a much healthier way.

As always talk to your doctor first, and monitor your electrolytes and blood pressure.

But dancing to sped up 1950's Rock N Roll, for a couple of hard earned hours a day.

Will help anybody, reach their goals very quickly.

And if you add some dumbbells, your entire body will begin adapting, by growing muscles.

It is important to start, slow and low.

Our bodies, have speed limits.

They will only increase endurance, at a particular pace.

At first that pace must be slow, to match what the body is capable of.

If it is too fast, the exercise will end too soon.

And the body, will not get an optimal signal to adapt.

Lifting too heavy, will stop a workout way in the beginning.

Lifting dumbbells that are too heavy, to have a long exercise or dance with.

Destroys the exercise, and it will take 40 lazy years for the body to adapt.

The rule of thumb, is that unless a competent doctor says otherwise.

The concept of resting, must be seen as something to be eliminated.

This means that a strategy is required, to eventually last that meaningful 60 or more, minutes in the arena.

An interval timer that, with mathematical precision...

Tells you when to start lifting and when to stop and start resting, and resume the workout for another lifting session - is probably essential.

But so is the music, as its beat not only dictates the speed, but fresh songs are also the only source of energy.

Only entering a dance trance, where you listen to the drums works. to bring that much needed energy.

Finally, while there are other ways to exercise, the combination of steadily increasing endurance due to use of interval timers.

And the relative ease with which we move to music, or dance - creates a path forward that not only provides reliable results...

But also relatively quick results, our bodies just don't mind dancing, and our feet only ache when we stop.

The easy on-ramp, of slow music, and interval timers giving us all the rest we need in the beginning.

Makes this a workout that is both accessible to all, and one that does transform the body to become more athletic.

As the interval timer slowly takes away the rest periods, and the music we dance to gradually increases in tempo.