Programming Is Really Neat
Programming Is Really Neat

Wednesday • April 12th 2023 • 11:09:24 pm

Programming Is Really Neat

Wednesday • April 12th 2023 • 11:09:24 pm

Programming is so fantastic, that it alone, is reason enough to fix schools.

One of the more interesting things, are programs that you know will take too long.

But they still call to you, because they fix a real problem.

For me it is a virtual desktop or computer desktop application, that runs within a web page.

You go to some website click full screen, and you get a whole new computer with applications.

All operating systems have save serious annoyances, so building your own desktop is to escape all that.

One of the things that is holding me back, is performance, as I tend to use low power computers.

But the idea keeps calling to me, each time some OS ships new desktop nonsense.

Over the course of months and years, you strategies, and reshape, and ponder...

Another interesting thing about programming, is your personal software, that you don’t feel like sharing, yet.

And to give another real world example, I made a program that looks like iTunes….

But its purpose, is to prepare a playlist for each of my daily workouts, and manage the speed of songs, slowly increasing tempo over time.

You can change the tempo of a song with ffmpeg, without making it sound chipmunk (another program sox has a build in bpm counter)

Part of a test of a new version of the program, was me hastily setting the bpm to 165 bpm, and takin it to my gym.

I have to test my math, because my version of 165 is too fast to actually dance to.

All the features of songs I like, are now too tightly packed together, and the songs, especially old Rock & Roll, are way too short.

But, you know, it is a good and fun and interesting work out, and I spent some part of it today…

Wondering, if I should get a DJ Deck where I could remix, the now short Rock and Roll songs.

Or add a feature where my playlist would fluctuate, some songs would get a 140 bpm and others 170.

It is a really fun problem to have, and could become a neat little business idea.

Where people submit non-copyrighted songs, or maybe a little hardware gadget that speeds up the song with a button.

I sat down this evening, to look at the iTunes like UI, for this strange program, and I just pondered how fun making it was.

Originally it was just a bash script, then I converted it to nodejs command line program.

And now I made one of the sub commands, open up a browser window…

With an interface where managing playlists, where managing playlists is now a lot easier.

I am working on a new Rock & Roll and Melbourne Shuffle playlist, that I will keep at 165 now.

I actually had to get new shoes with harder more plastic bottom, so that they move with less friction on my now mad-dance flow.

I repeat, programming, is really neat.