So You Signed Up For The Gym... Now What?
So You Signed Up For The Gym... Now What?

Thursday • September 21st 2023 • 11:02:36 pm

So You Signed Up For The Gym... Now What?

Thursday • September 21st 2023 • 11:02:36 pm

Above all, don't copy workouts of other people, chances are they only workout for two minutes and sit around for 43.

You should workout the whole time you are at the gym, and never ever, ever stop or rest.

Your body requires a clear signal to adapt, resting is not part of it.

In the beginning it is hard to understand, what exercises we should focus on first.

Especially with all that neat machinery around, the machines are for people with injuries, and to sell memberships.

Isolating muscles, is probably the slowest possible way, to transform your body.

To begin, just use dumbbells, starting with 3lb per hand.

And move, walk, jog, do a few steps forward, and few steps back.

Be aware that lifting heavy, damages exercise, as you choke your body with something it can’t yet handle.

Plus, weights over 10lb per hand, get you into a danger zone where you can hurt your back.

It will take a while to train your body, to dance with 20lb total – you can see how dangerous that already sounds.

Your body will go full beef cupcapke, before you have to go over 20lb, though.

A good exercise duration, is three hours, it will take you a while to go from endurance of three minutes…

All the way out to three hours, but joggers do this all the time.

If you add duration slowly, you won’t feel discomfort.

Though you may feel a bit off balance, as your body adjusts to a slightly more demanding motion.

Now, as to what this dancing with weights, actually looks like.

Basically, do your biceps, pump weights up-and-down above you head; make snow angels or wing motions on your side, (while standing up)…

And lift them in front of yourself, as if pulling clean laundry out of a top loading washer.

You must always aim to dance with dumbbells, as a result this will give you gives you legs, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

To put it simply, while standing upright you simply perform one of the motions until you get tired.

And once you do, you switch to, one of the others.

You must try to avoid stopping, resting, and never sit, or aimlessly wonder around.

If you want to work on your chest, which may requre laying down…

Do that as an extra, after you finish your main exercise.

Or just wait until you get hurt, and can’t dance, then to recover, you can lay down on the bench press and work on your chest.

At first your workouts are 15 minutes, then 30, 45, 60, and then you add duration as you see fit.

If you are large, it will be three hours, if you are athletic, then it is about an hour.

The proper names for these exercises are, Dumbbell Lateral Raise, Standing Dumbbell Curls, and Overhead Shoulder Press.

But if you just stand there performing these exercises with perfect form you will not burn up fat, or get neat abdominals for free.

Dancing should come first, it is more important than form. you need to bend and twist, and dance to Rock n Roll.

Our bodies are not wooden machines, they are living organisms that must move all over to keep healthy.

It may not be possible to exercise for long without music, the musical dance trance is a critical component of the workout.

And to actually get into the trance, you need to hit every bear, you will need songs that are at the right tempo as well.

You will not enter the trance with a song that drags you down, or kicks you out by going to fast.

You may need to use an open source program to tweak the tempo, both Audacity and the command line ffmpeg have that feature under “tempo”.

And that is the main part, light dumbells, non-stop, increase duration - gradually - the way joggers do.

And by focusing on every beat of your songs, as in – by trying to hit it – you enter a state of trance...

That will allow you to finish your exercise, in relative comfort.

As to every other detail, it is not that important.

As long as you keep on moving, you will begin transforming.

And then you will invent your own way, to get to wherever you want to be.