Real Education Helps The World Grow
Real Education Helps The World Grow

Thursday • June 17th 2021 • 8:37:30 pm

Real Education Helps The World Grow

Thursday • June 17th 2021 • 8:37:30 pm

Real Education will help you stay two, three or more steps ahead of all the complex trouble we can't foresee,

it will help you counter all the moves against you before they are even made, it will keep you safe.

But it is not just about your safety, but also about your strength, intelligence,

your class, the way you move through life, and the way you change the world.

And it is not just about you, it is about all people choosing real education,

it is about Humanity growing up, moving beyond all the tragic mistakes it is making.

Do you understand how important you are, without you the world is unable to progress forward,

when the liars have masses they can manipulate, they gain the power to hold the world back.

It is true that superhero stories are just a projection of what we are capable of,

but the same goes for the dark side, they will sway the uneducated to get them to vote on laws that hurt the world.

Voters are only as capable as the culture they grow up in, that is why free speech and freedom of thought is important,

it sets those who are about to corner themselves free to grow and flourish.

All that can be said about where you need to learn from, is that we will fight to keep libraries open,

and we will separate fantasy from reality, and all the life changing are available for free in a narrated format.

You don't have to go to the library, but you must find your way to books, to narrated books, to biographies, and storytellers,

lives lived for real, wisdom won in great battles, and the defeat of great manipulators, dictators, and liars.

School can only teach you to memorize, that is only good for numbers and letters, and can't translate well beyond the basics,

you need to learn when you are ready to learn, learn at your own pace, and in a sequence that fits what you already know.

Find your first thousand books, be safe, become wise,

and grow to become, a Great Being, and change the world.