The Musician
The Musician

Tuesday • November 19th 2019 • 11:44:47 pm

The Musician

Tuesday • November 19th 2019 • 11:44:47 pm

Great Philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, plays the piano.

Important Music Tutorial

Important Music Tutorial

Please visit Learning Music at Ableton, and take their music
composition tutorial.

The Masters of the Stereo

The Masters of the Stereo

A sample of sound, is the same as a sample of cake, it is just a little
bit of something larger. In the world of music, that little bit, would
often be a defining sound in a song that captured your attention.

Amiga Samplers : Budget dance music in 1990

Amen, Break: The Most Sampled Loop in Music History

How sampling transformed music by Mark Ronson

Art of Sampling

Creating sounds with a synthesizer can be tiring, not every sound you
synthesize will be ground breaking. Back in the old days, listeners were
not too happy with synthesized songs, people would actually call them UFO

Some choose to skip sound synthesis and create/download samples.
Samples can be replayed at different frequencies, depending on which piano
key you hit. In fact if you record a single piano key, you can almost
recreate the piano entirely by replaying that one piano key at different
frequencies/notes (A note like middle C, is just a named frequency, in
this case 261.63 Hz.)

Sampling is the art of borrowing a sound, or even a little bit of a song (as in Lofi Hip Hop) and frequently replaying it at a different frequency. You can also sample sounds around you to create unique drums, hats, even piano or some lo-tech violin out of flinging a doorstop. You can give beatboxing a try and build a song out of sampling/splicing the instruments you imitated with your own voice.

Downloadable Drumkits, are collections of short samples of instruments
taken from various places, including other songs. Visit r/Drumkits for
some free downloads.

Additionally, freesound has a huge library, and Splice has a well
organized one aimed at musicians for $7.99/mo (the free trial is worth it).

LoFi Synth-Hop

RZA - Flying Birds / Sample Rich Track

RZA'a Samurai Showdown (Lofi Hiphop)


The Science of Dubstep by James Humberstone

How to translate the feeling into sound by Claudio

Become a Rockstar!

Please remember what Claudio teaches us. A song is a story, it is not the
back-beat, not the piano, not the twelve inch drum, or the bass head. A
song is a story told with voice and music.

Grab a pencil, draw a line. Mark all the important events along the line.
That's where the lyrics start or end, that's where the back-beat slows or
picks up, that's where your listeners will start to laugh or start to cry.

We compose music, because the greatest of stories cannot be expressed in


LMMS is a free, cross-platform tool for music composition.

Take a look at the showcase, albums of songs made with LMMS.

LMMS 1.2

LMMS Tutorial 1: Piano Roll, Beat/Bass Line Editor

LMMS Tutorial 2: Sidebar

LMMS Tutorial 3: TripleOscillator Basics

How to Sing Any Song - Modified Lyrics - Felicia Ricci

How To Sing Any Song - Voice Lessons - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How To Sing With Your Own Voice - Roger Burnley Voice Studio - Singing Vocal Lesson

Anne Reburn

Anne Reburn Channel on YouTube

How Am I Feeling Today?

I'm A Believer

Studio Acapellas

Search YouTube for Studio Acapellas to discover vocal-only tracks of
popular songs. It is much easier to understand what singing is about when
you can hear the voice without music. You can search the web for "download
youtube audio" and then load them into LMMS and create your own backbeat
and remixes.

P!nk - Fuckin' Perfect (Official Acapella) [EXPLICIT]

Mad World Gary Jules Real Official Acapella

Izzie Naylor

You don't need a strong beat to make a song work. Izzie Naylor is proof
that minimalist songs are often very beautiful.

Smile, Ukulele Cover by Izzie Naylor

Gary Jules - Mad World (live)

Bandcamp Music Sales

Bandcamp Music Sales

Sell your music on Bandcamp (free).

Splice Sample Sales

Splice Sample Sales

Sell your quality music samples on Splice.

Consider creating less restrictive music/sample sharing platforms (see The Founder)

How to Share

Upload your music to Soundcloud you get 180 minues of music space for
free (per account).